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I live in Spain, @Blen and travel extensively. However, the options for travel insurance are
very limited over here (and you can’t use British companies if you are resident in Spain), so
I would suggest you contact as many insurance providers/insurance agents as possible to
discuss your requirements (and specify that It’s cover should include Canada and USA).
And, of course, you now need a Visa to enter Canada (obtainable online). Should your
holiday enforce your decision to actually move there permanently, then you would need a
‘sponsor’ – a family member – who takes responsibility for you, so you are not a burden on
your host country. Best of luck!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Need help as my family have gone to Canada to live I want to go for a holiday first then go live there but need medical cover I would have to medical declare as I have a heart problem and 75 years old I live in Spain any help please

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