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I can echo @ESW’s warning about Giardia – but it’s not just a problem in India. I picked it up in Barcelona, then another dose when I got back from Malawi landed me in hospital.

Many these challenges are just luck – I suspect I picked it up the first time from someone who had it made me a sandwich without washing his or her hands. Then didn’t shift it completely which is why the second dose felled me.

But this could happen anywhere – use plenty of common sense, and then enjoy!!

Make sure you have all the relevant vaccinations – check with your doctor. Also check if you are going into areas where malaria is prevalent and get the necessary drugs before you go. Even taking precautions against mosquito bites, you only need one infected mosquito to bite you. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

As always take precautions with washing and disinfecting hands regularly and especially before eating.

Remember to keep your mouth shut while washing and showering too! It’s surprising how much water can go in if you don’t…

Take plenty of Immodium (or its generic equivalent). Also keep some toilet paper and spare poly bags in your day sack.

Also be aware some problems may not appear until after you get home. We came back from Ladakh with Giardia which didn’t manifest itself until a few days after we got home. it took a while for this to be diagnosed and treated. So any problems when you get home go to your GP and get them checked out.

Depending on who you have booked with, I’m sure they will have plenty of great advice. Don’t be put off. India is wonderful and will challenge all your senses.


Thank you JoCarroll and Cruzeoqueen1
Lots of useful advice

Welcome, @Carol56

Plenty of info here from @Cruzerqueen1 – bottled water (or somehow purified – you may choose to carry something with you to purify water so you don’t go through mountains of plastic bottles, but they can be a faff). And don’t even clean your teeth in tap water – it’s for washing only. Peel fruit. Some street food is fine – look for somewhere with crowds and see if the oil is hot and fresh. (I had no problem with street food but was laid low in Lucknow from a spring roll in a smart hotel!) And carry immodium and use it when necessary – Gill is lucky if she’s never had a problem – most people I know expect to get the runs once or twice, if only from too much curry!

Mosquitoes – I wear anti-mozzy bracelets (leather things, they smell when you first put them on, and last about a week – you can buy them in packs), use Avon Skin-so-soft during the day and slap the DEET on at night. It’s worth wearing long sleeves and skirts in the evening as well (culturally, going around in shorts and scrappy t-shirts isn’t a great idea anyway).

And then enjoy it – India is astonishing.

Carol56 wrote:

10:24 29-Jun-19

We have just booked a rail holiday in India. I am a little concerned about getting ’Delhi belly and mosquitos. Any advice?

Hi @Carol56 and welcome to the Forum. I have been to India a few times and not suffered. I recommend using
an antimozzie spray high in DEET, and covering arms and legs at dawn and evenings. Avoid salad ingredients, which have probably been washed in tap water, and only eat fruit you have peeled yourself. Avoid ice in drinks, and when
buying bottled water, make sure the seal is unbroken. Only eat in hotels or restaurants – avoid street food and the local ‘greasy spoon’. Probably miss some culinary delights that way, but best be on the safe side. Have a wonderful time and please tell us all about it on your return!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

We have just booked a rail holiday in India. I am a little concerned about getting ’Delhi belly and mosquitos. Any advice?

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