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Rugen, Germany

I haven’t been to this area of Germany but in general I love Germany. We were based in Herford during the seventies and loved the old town, with it’s higglypiggly houses. We went back a few years ago to relive our wild young days!

I’ve been to several Baltic coastal areas, the nearest to Rugen being Lubeck, so I have no direct experience. Weather wise it can be very windy & I would opt for a summer month but avoiding the the peak holiday season (August). As well as the steam train there is a bus service but it’s a rural service so not that frequent. Cycling seems to be the most popular way to explore.

This travel guide may be helpful:

I look forward to reading about your experiences next year

There’s a review here which might be of interest https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/review?id=166634 and we will ask Peter Lynch to respond as well


Sounds like an interesting trip @Humph

Not an area I’ve explored but either @peterlynch or @Silver-Travel-Advisor may have some information

Essex UK

My wife and I are retired and are looking at traveling to Rugen next year – going independently by Eurostar and ICE Can anyone provide any tips – best months to go – months to avoid – should we base ourselves in Rugen or somewhere on the coast ? is it easy to get around using public transport. We want to explore the unspoilt coast and the steam railway plus anything else of interest.

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