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Welcome to Silver travel and the Forum. I had a quick look at all our travel partners and only three offer river cruises on the Nile. One is Viking and this a link to the cruise: https://www.vikingrivercruises.co.uk/cruise-destinations/egypt/pharaohs-pyramids/2019-cairo-cairo/index.html
the next is Titan who combine land based and a short Nile Cruise: https://titantravel.inbro.net/seeinsidebrochure/Titan-Travel_005518-TT-River-Cruise/005518…TT-River-Cruise/page_100
and finally Riviera: https://www.rivieratravel.co.uk/text-search-result?searchbox=Nile
I agree it is important to have a boat that is modern and enjoyable. When deciding make sure they have air conditioning, ask what is included in the cruise price, for example tours, wine or beeer with meals, gratuities etc.
Hope this helps.


Looking to book a Nile cruise for our Golden Wedding at the end of March, but have been warned to make sure we book a decent boat. Can anybody give me any advice on which company are the best to book with.

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