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It'll be my first time to ride an airplane and I'm nervous already

WASATCH wrote:

See your doctor. Valium has a 30-50 hour half life

My niece had terrible trouble flying at one time, so the doctor prescribed a half valium i.e. half the minimum dose he would normally prescribe for other conditions. That had the effect of leaving her “mellow” but not non functional.

WASATCH wrote:

you feel awful weather drunk or sober

Can’t agree with this. Avoid alcohol at all costs. Apart from the potential downsides of having to much and the booze heightening your fears rather than alleviating them, the dehydration will make you feel worse. Keep well hydrated, water is best.

Essex UK

Fear of heights? Get an aisle seat. No window seat.

Use a big airplane. A 747 is so big that the cabin walls are almost vertical so its like being a small theater— no closing in curve in the wall that makes you feel like you are in a can.

See your doctor. Valium has a 30-50 hour half life and will make you very mellow unless you are already taking mood altering drugs.

Stay up all night the night before you leave & sleep on the airplane. You won’t sleep well but the time change will make you feel awful weather drunk or sober, rested or sleepless.

Maximize the experience by flying business class. The free alcohol calms anxiety.

Hi @alfie22
You are not the only one, there are thousands in the same situation.
Several of the airlines run ‘Fear of Flying’ courses which has helped many. Here are a couple of links that may assist.


@GreyWolf is right – it’s the safest form of transport.

But if you are scared, you won’t enjoy it. It would be worth investing in a few sessions with a psychologist – this isn’t difficult to sort out, and it will make such a huge diffference to your enjoyment of the trip. (He or she won’t do anything alarming, just help you to think and feel differently.)

@alfie22 put it this way : according to statistics from Harvard University you have a 1 in 5,000 chance of dying in a car crash, yet a 1 in 11 million chance of dying in an aeroplane crash, which is even less than the chances of dying in a shark attack ( 1 in 3.1 million).

Regardless of the three major recently reported plane disappearances, such events are extremely rare. In USA alone there are 23,000 plane takes offs per day, 5,000 planes in the air at any one time, worldwide: 4,400 take offs per hour with an estimated 106,000 passenger airliners in the sky, globally, at any one time, all taking off and landing safely every single day (and night).

What you have to keep in mind is that with all those successful flights, why should one crash, all because you happen to be on it ?

Regarding the fear of heights there is nothing more sublime than seeing the clouds from the comfort of your cabin window when you yourself are part of the height.

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy

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My sister is set to tie the knot with his foreign boyfriend. The wedding will take place in the States—- that means my whole family will be traveling to a foreign land. But I have a problem. It’ll be my first time to ride in an airplane and I’m nervous already. I know it sounds funny but this is so true. How do you advice someone who will ride an airplane for the very first time, not to mention that I have fear with heights? Please help!

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