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Where to get the best travel SIM?

We too are fans of 3 and used the pay as you go with an add on when travelling in New Zealand. It is great for many countries outside Europe. Quite a long list of them.

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@coolonespa wrote:

@Barrowman has mentioned 3 a few times on the forum

I also use ‘3’, buying their add-on that gives full coverage for almost everywhere I’ve been travelling. They have a full list of countries covered. They don’t include phonecalls/texts to the country you’re in; only back to the UK.

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Welcome to the forum @Bettina

I’m not sure that I know of any one SIM that covers the whole world at reasonable prices, I think you have to take it on a country by country basis. Assuming your base sim is a UK one, then many of them allow you to use your UK package in other countries for no extra charge e.g. I’m with Vodafone & their Global Roaming gives me inclusive use of my package at no charge in 48 countries. @Barrowman has mentioned 3 a few times on the forum & I believe their package allows you to roam free in countries like the USA, so worth checking out.

At other times it just as easy to get a local SIM, which is what I did recently in South Africa. The staff in the Vodocom shop at Johannesburg airport help me chose a suitable package and then fitted the SIM & registered it for me, so it was very easy.

Please keep us updated on your findings, I’d be interested to know what you consider the best option for you.

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Hi @Bettina and welcome to the forum.
Personally if I were going to rely on internet services i.e wi-fi I would use my normal phone and not bother with local sim cards. Free wi-fi is so easily available in many parts of the world. The only time I use local sim cards are if I want to use my phone to make phone calls and then depending on which country, as in some phone calls can be expensive.If however you still want a sim card I would be heading for Vodaphone who are worldwide. My Egyptian phone has as Egyptian sim in it and phone calls are very cheap even to phone the UK.


I gave up trying to sort a travel SIM – all the that faffing with SIM cards and numbers, and found it didn’t save me much.

But that was ages ago – maybe someone else knows of a card offering good value now.

I am travelling a lot, but I still would like to be available for my family, mainly by using internet services, not phone calls. I was thinking to explore a travel SIM. Any recommendations which one is the best and where to get it?

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