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I only know Sydney and then to the north.

If you can get to Cairns and the Barrier Reef but you will probably need to fly. And you could visit a rainforest while you’re there. Brisbane is worth a visit, and then off to Fraser Island.

But all that might be out of reach if you are staying south – in Sydney the Opera House is extraordinary, and I’d go an opera for the acoustics rather than the building tour, but that’s just what I’m interested in. I hear that Melbourne is lovely (I’ve never been) with an interesting museum about the deportations in the nineteenth century. And there’s is an interesting train trip heading west from Adelaide that my brother has done.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Jo.

We will be starting in Sydney with my youngest sister, so we can explore the east coast. Then the southern coast to Adelade to stay with my middle sister. We are there for six weeks.

Any ideas regarding must see must do on the stop overs.

How long are you going for? Australia is HUGE – so I’d suggest you narrow down what you really, really want to see or do, and allow plenty of travel time. You’ll have to think how you’re going to get from place to place – you can hire a car and drive, of course, but setting off across the interior is ambitious unless you carry plenty of emergency equipment (food, water, tent etc).

So my advice would be to stick to the south, or the east coast, or even the south-west. I stayed, with relatives, and in cheap hotels or hostels – I suspect you want something a bit posher than that!

My husband and I have just started travelling. We are in our late 60s. Our big trip this year is Australia. I would like a few tips on where to go and what to do when we have 3 day stop overs in HongKong and Los Angeles. Recommended hotels etc
Thank you

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