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Internal flights in australia

Good afternoon Doug.
Three years ago we circumnavigated Australia following the route of Queen Mary 2…

The ‘Red’ track was our domestic flight schedule.

We have large suitcases…

…and never once was their size ever questioned on any of the flights.

However, as mentioned earlier, for your personal and ultimate peace of mind I would advise checking with the airline. I say this because the route mentioned doesn’t appear to be one of the more popular main routes.

Meanwhile, you can always check out our adventure. You never know, there may be something of interest to you. Here is the link…


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Essex UK

Hi @DougJ
I think the easy answer is to contact Qantas and ask them as the last thing you want is to get to the airport and have your luggage refused at check in. It may be that Qantas will allow you to pay and ‘Oversize’ fee, but depending on what this is, it may be cheaper to invest in new cases. Sorry I can’t help further.

We have been advised that on our flight from Cairns to Alice Springs QF1949 the maximum baggage dimensions for checked in cases is 140 cm .

Our case is 152 cm overall.

Does anybody know whether the cases are measured /the rules enforced/can we pay excess.
Or do we have to buy new cases


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