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70th Birthday holiday celebration

We have the same problem as it is my Husbands 70th and our 50th Anniversary within a couple of weeks of each other, however we are lucky in that we have two years to decide. After discussing various suggestions on here we have more or less decided on a Cruise & Stay, Alaska & The Rocky Mountaineer. It’s a once in a lifetime trip and we are so looking forward to it. I hope you can come up with something equally exciting as I am sure you will, whatever you do, have a wonderful time.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. There’s certainly a lot to think about there.

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A 70th birthday is well worth celebrating in style so here’s a few suggestions:

Las Vegas, probably only need 3/4 days to explore the strip & around but you can add a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon with champagne brunch on the canyon floor, a trip to the Hoover Dam & other surrounding sights.

NewYork. You could stay there for a week & not see half the things there are to do (depending on your love of museums) or combine a few days in NY with a trip up to Niagara Falls

Perhaps if you drop back to the default cruise do one with a difference, like:

A yacht/motorsailer around Cuba. Read more at: https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/blog/cruise-small-ship-cruising/variety-cruises-sights-and-sounds-of-cuba-chapter-1

A turkish Gullet along the turkish coast. Read more at: https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/blog/cruise-small-ship-cruising/blue-cruise-chapter-1-the-oesophagus-and-the-wood

Perhaps if none of these “float your boat” perhaps you could tell us a little more about yourself & we’d be delighted to help further e.g. are all 4 of you reasonably active, do you like museums, do you like wine etc. etc.

Essex UK

The only festival I have marked on my calendar for September is Yom Kippur – and I’ve no idea what that involves. But worth researching! And there are Hindu festivals all year (they love a good party) so I hope you find something that might work.

Hi JoCarrol and Fossil

My Birthday is September. Its a good idea for research festivals and I will do that. We actually went to Disneyland this year for Hubby’s 70th! But thank you both for your suggestions and interest.

What time of year is it? I wonder if it coincides with any other festivals – such as the Chinese New Year (worth going to Vietnam) or Holi (go to India?) – that way you do something truly unique.

70 is a milestone or at least it was when I celebrated it. How about ‘Disney World’ Florida. The world that appeals to all ages, a world that is ruled by make believe and has sunshine nearly every day of the year. Whilst there visit the Everglades, Cape Canaveral and many other places that you have probably read about but perhaps have never visited. Just a suggestion.


Hi everyone
Next year will be my 70th Birthday and along with hubby and 2 family members I would like to do something special. My daughter has asked me for ideas of where I’d like to go, but I just can’t come up with any ideas. It can only be for a week due to their work commitments and I said that I would quite like an adventure (but nothing extreme). They did suggest a cruise, which may be our fail safe option as we always enjoy them, but that won’t be ‘different’.
Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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