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Packing tip

If space is limited – rucksack stlyeeeee – then use freezer bags to pack knickers etc Diries in one clean in another bag – they will not get mixed up then!

@coolonespa It’s not just a good all the time to mix and match when it comes to clothing choices and other useful things, but also in how you actually pack them; that’s to say, it may prove sensible to put some of your things in your travel partner’s case – and vice versa

@Grey-Wolf wrote:

Rule : first thing you should always pack in your bag is another bag

So truye, especially if its a Silvertravel bag

Rule 2 – post your photos with your bag on the designated thread.

Essex UK

Rule : first thing you should always pack in your bag is another bag. For day trips. For shopping or purchased items. Also, plastic carrier bag for used clothes seeking laundering. Finally, it’s never a holiday without slippers, wherever you’re staying….hotel, hostel, cabin, tent, caravan or cave.

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

Evermore you are travelling any place over the world, you should always follow some core travelling tips either you are travelling as a solo traveller or with family, friends, or colleague.

Always keep some extra clothes, shoes, umbrella, mobile charger, and adaptors etc.

Try to pack clothes and other things according to all weather because changeable weather can happen very fast at any country of the world.

Agreed – I always roll mine, find they are less creased, and it’s easier to tuck things like t-shirts into corners if they’re rolled

Tip for packing, always roll your clothes, can get in twice as much.

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