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Car hire. CDW and extra insurance

I hire cars a lot – more in this country than overseas. (I have no car, so hire one when I need to – for instance, going to a wedding next weekend)

I’ve never paid excess insurance. If I have a big prang this weekend I’ll still think it unlikely it will cost me more than I would have paid out in insurance over the years. Insurance companies are there to make money out of us – and I know we need to be safe (I wouldn’t travel without sickness cover), but the cost of car hire insurance is a rip-off!

Hi All,

When it comes to CDW you have 2 options:

1) Take out Complete Cover Package with the rental supplier directly which can be anything from £20.00 – £30.00 p/day so quite expensive. This would reduce your excess to zero or a lower agreed amount.

2) Excess Damage Refund Cover, which you can get from about £3.99 p/day or annual policies from £39.99. These type of policies are an excellent way to reduce cost and still protect you. But just need to know you do not have Zero Excess, the excess will still be in place however if in the event the car is damaged the policy would reimburse you back in full usually within 14 days.

Hope this helps, take a look here we offer Excess Refund Insurance to our customers and works well.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Cherie :-)

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Essex UK

Don’t use the hire car company’s rip off ‘insurance’.Search car hire excess insurance on google; there’s plenty of companies doing annual insurance for £40 (Europe) or £50 (worldwide).

There are also reviews for them here.


Hi Neonstar
Can I suggest that you contact our partners at Indigo Car Hire
They are really helpful and friendly and will offer you good advice.

I am hiring a car for two weeks in Kefalonia. I have been told I can pay an additional €130 to reduce the excess for any damage down to €100 as opposed to €500. It doesn’t seem worthwhile to me. Has anybody any experience of this or advice?

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