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Cycling holidays

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Do you regularly take cycling holidays?

Essex UK

We had a wonderful cycling vacation with Cycling Safaris. We did a self-guided tour of the Copper Coast and we paid €1660 for the two of us for 6 days. It included the bikes, transfers from the Dubin airport, all accommodations (minimum 3 *) with breakfast and one dinner, self guided tour instructions and luggage transport between locations. I consider this to have been one of the best holidays of our lives and worth every penny. When you are taking one of these tours you count on the instructions being very accurate and the instructions provided to us were flawless save one signpost that had been removed so we did a bit of extra cycling on that one day! We particularly loved Dunmore East and The Haven Hotel in particular. The views from the hotel were stunning and the food was fantastic. The route is challenging and much hillier than I expected but we did fine (although we are both very fit). We went in May, 2017 right at the beginning of the season but were very lucky that we only got one day of rain and the weather for biking was very pleasant. I highly recommend Cycling Safaris. They were easy to work with and flexible. We will definitely plan something with them again in future.

Sounds expensive. Think I will stick to cruising, after all, the price is similar!!!


Does anybody know of the reason why cycling holidays appear(to me anyway) relatively expensive vis a vis some other types of holidays. Freewheel Holidays for example quote £769 for a 7 night break in Burgundy,and that’s just B & Breakfast! This does not include flights/travel to departure point. What do they do to deserve these prices,apart from transporting your luggage? If you want to join a guided tour it’s €130 pp.extra. That seems very good pay for a guide who is taking a party of 12! Am I just being the archetypal tight Yorkshireman or can someone guide me to a better "value for money "" alternative?
This is not an attack on Freewheel,as to be fair,their prices seem to be in line with other specialists.

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