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Disneyland Florida

Thanks for responding @crazycamm My Sister is out their right now & I’m getting her to check out the height restrictions so I can gauge when would be a good time to take the Grandchildren.

I recently spent a day at Universal LA & loved that, so Disney Florida is definitely on the to do list when they’re old enough.

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No haven’t been back yet, still saving, but watching the children’s faces was worth every penny, it was amazing

This is a revival of quite an old thread. I noticed that @crazycamm did a review of the trip, you can read it at:


I wonder if crazycamm has been back again since 2015?

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Been to Disney World twice and it is fabulous. It’s the only place I have been that will appeal to everyone between 1 and 101.


Haven’t been to Disneyland (or World), but really enjoyed Busch Gardens Theme Park.

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good luck on your trip, a combi ticket is usually best option but sure you will enjoy.

An all time favorite place to be visited and so much fun for sure. Planning a tour and going there is always a treat which i personally would love to get into.

thanks everyone, has given me more food for thought.

As Coolonespa has already said look for the deals when you are there. Quite often things are cheaper in the USA than here. If you are staying on International Drive have a look at the various hotels to see if any are doing special offers. Also have a look at the prices at ticket agency booths over there especially last minute deals.


Its been a while since I’ve been but I’m not sure "cheap" tickets are possible at all. Here’s some things I’ve looked at in the past:

Sometimes the £ works in your favour, so compare buying in the UK before you leave with the $ price on the gate.
The Orlando Visitors Centre sometimes have deals on tickets
Look at the combo passes that do the parks, watermarks, etc. Could represent an overall saving.
You might be staying at a Disney Hotel, then sometimes they have special deals
There are generally many offers of discounted tickets in Orlando, but often tied to a visit to a timeshare or something similar, costing you a lot of your holiday time. Having said that, some people who have had the time have got good deals but beware there are lots of shady characters out there amongst the offers.

Good luck, let us know what you decide to do please.

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