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Holiday Insurance

I’ve only had to claim twice – once when I was still in hospital on the day I was due to go, and secondly
on doctor’s advice because of a change in health issues. Each time it was a battle to get paid out. But
luckily I never had any problems on my many holidays all over the world.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

ive been insured for 40 years and never had to claim. guess we just been lucky

Hello @From-Marge likewise, sorry to hear about your accident. Its always good to hear when an insurance company acts in the way you expect. I use AXA PPP and have done for a number of years. Only claimed once and they were excellent. They also do not have the restriction on types of hospitals that can be used as some companies insist you use the public hospitals and ambulance services which is not always possible in some areas.


Sorry to hear about your accident @From-marge but its comforting to hear a first hand experience of an insurance provider delivering when it mattered most. Its probably high on many people travel concerns that when called upon, their travel insurance provider will try & wriggle out of its responsibilities & hide behind the small print of the policy. Thanks for sharing a good news story.

I’m fortunate to have no personal experience to share, having never needed to make a claim.

Essex UK

Just before lockdown, I had a skiing accident while on holiday abroad. Staysure and affiliates were pretty good, sorted out alternative flights home. Medical costs + some of the holiday money refunded promptly despite lockdown then in place. It’s reassuring, at my age (despite being an experienced skier) that when mishaps take place you are properly insured with a company whose costs are competitive but who don’t cut corners. I wondered what other people’s insurance services and claim experiences have been like.

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