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Travel with 94 year old

Thank you all.


I love how, on STA, whenever someone has a problem, there is always someone who goes
out of their way to try and help to solve it. Long may that continue – well done everyone!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Birmingham based Limitless Travel and Enable Holidays provide holidays in the UK and Europe with care support tailored to your needs. I also found this company on Google who might be able to help: https://www.helpinghandshomecare.co.uk/home-care-services/carer-supported-holidays/ – I have no experience of using them however.

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Coolonespa. Yes that is something to think about. It would certainly solve all the issues. Her leg can be a bit messy and I would probably be gagging. I am full of admiration for the nurses who do this.


@FionaC wrote:

We would provide all the dressings

I’m not clear from the above if she will be travelling alone or if you will be going with her.

Assuming you will be going with her, could you not get the District nurse to show you how to do it? My MIL similarly has her’s dressed twice per week & I’m pretty sure I could do it for a week or two if need be. Just a thought.

Essex UK

Thank you Fossil. I have spoken to her doctors and the district nurses but they all say I have to source any care myself. Meaning I have to contact local GP’s wherever we stay and they may help. I have done this but although help is offered its on a “contact us when you arrive and we’ll see what we can do”. This is great but I would prefer something properly organised.
I have also suggested holidays specifically for people who may need nursing but she does not to be with ill people. I know, it’s daft, but it’s what she says!
Does anyone know of private nursing companies, or have experience of them?


Hello @FionaC
If holidaying in the UK have you tried the local hospital to see if they can recommend someone. Have you contacted your mothers doctor to see if there is a network whereby he could perhaps to contact a local doctor to where she is staying who may have a district nurse attached to their practice. have you spoken with the district nurse who currently attends your mother to see if she has any ideas.
This is a holiday company that has nurses involved that may be the answer: https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/partner/176806-revitalise-respite-holidays
Let us know how you get on.


My dear old mum age 94 loves her holidays. I can find places to stay but have a problem with her health care. She needs her legs dressed by a district nurse at least twice a week and I don’t know how to find someone who can do that. We would provide all the dressings. Any ideas or experiences anyone?

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