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Travel Cash

Used ICICI again for some Euros, top service again. Got more for my money too as the £ is doing well against the Euro.

It also seems that NatWest is dropping the charges for buying currency in the UK sometime in July.

Essex UK

When abroad I always use my Halifax Clarity Card which I load before leaving the UK. I then use it at ATM’s without incurring any charges and also get commercial exchange rate.


Interesting – but I always find it easiest to get the essential cash in currency I need from the local ATM when I arrive at a foreign airport and then top it up as I travel around. The exchange commissions etc make it only very marginally more expensive and it enables me to get cash ‘as needed’ and (with careful planning) I don’t find myself spending leftover cash on unnecessary stuff just to get rid of it, or coming home with a stack of foreign currency to keep until next time (which never seems to come!).

Just ordered some travel cash & needed 2 currencies so tried out the comparison site Debbie mentioned:


as well as the one I normally use.

TFX came out with the top rate but I wasn’t sure about paying direct to them, rather than via debit card, & since no one seemed to have any experience of them I went for the next one on the list ICICI (I think ICE actually run the service). The service offered free next day delivery for orders over £450 & worked out at about £15 better than the best rate in the high St (where I was going to get wet). Currency arrived as promised by Royal Mail 10am next day.

As I needed less than £450 for the 2nd currency, I phoned NatWest where I could get free delivery via my Advantage Gold account & a slightly better rate than the high st. This also arrived next day 10am via Royal mail.

Two good experiences, I’d recommend using either of these.

Note: I used a Nationwide debit card to order the currency from ICICI because there are no charges as there are with some of the main banks. NatWest Debit card is OK when ordering via there Advantage Gold service.

Essex UK
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