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Concentrator Nipper Machine for Cruises

@edenhope wrote:

relies on the above oxygen machine daily

I’m sure your are looking into every aspect of this but depending on the level of reliance on the device, you also need to think about what happens if the device breaks down. In the home users are provided with back up oxygen bottles, so that’s another thing you’ll need to discuss with the cruise company if your friend wants to take these.

Essex UK

Hello @edenhope and welcome to the forum.
Have you contacted the cruise company to see if they have any onboard machines that will do the same job?


My elderly solo traveller friend relies on the above oxygen machine daily. Her current suppliers who deliver to her home free on the NHS want to charge her £400-£500 to deliver to a cruise ship in Southampton for her to enjoy a much needed holiday. Has anyone any advice on cheaper companies/options available please?
Many thanks

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