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Advantages of the Train

Well I am afraid that doesn’t apply down in Cornwall, but what a wonderful bonus for you all in London, congratualations on the arrival of your new grandson.

I wish I had more time to use the forums, but there is still so much going on I forget to pop in I must try and remedy that!!CG

Hi Cornish Girl,
The Freedom Pass is the name of the OAP bus pass in the London Boroughs. It not only covers the buses as does the OAP bus pass but also the London Underground system, Docklands Light Railway and the main line railways basically within the M25.
Great to see you on the Forum.


Hi Alan, is the freedom pass the equvilant of a oap bus pass? if so where can I purchase one and how much do they cost a year? CG

Belated congratulations on the arrival of your grandson. I do hope you will encourage of love of railways (especially preserved steam railways) at an early age. Isn’t it surprising how the lure of steam still lasts even though it is nearly 45 since the last steam trains ran on British Railways.


Me too commuting every day. Our line was pretty good, most days a pretty decent service, but when it went wrong it seemed to do it in a big way. I was at Liverpool St a while ago at 5pm & was overwhelmed by the sea of miserable faces. I’m sure I didn’t hate it that much. Still like you, well out of it now

Essex UK

Prior to retirement it was the 7.12 train every morning. Was on it again a few weeks ago going to Waterloo to get the Southampton train and wondered how I managed to put up with it for all those years.


I’ve been trying to remember the last time I travelled by train, I’m pretty sure the last train I was on was the Flying Scotsman when it was doing a summer season down Devon/Cornwall way….when….haven’t a clue, just know it was years ago…

Before that – The Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways, even more years ago….



And a very timely topic as it’s Rail month on Silver Travel Advisor – some great prizes to be won


Fossil1 wrote…..really is a boon for us poor old age pensioners

Congratulations again on your newest aquisition Alan glad you made the trip ok.


What a result & congratulations on the new grandson.

Not such a good tale if you were heading this way. There are engineering works on our line, so its replacement busses for part of the journey & then train for the rest. I think we’re getting more than normal getting the line ready for the Olympics. Having suffered a debacle not long ago when we went to see Wicked in London, they couldn’t pay me to do it again. We got home past 1am Having said that I quite like the trains so I’ll keep looking for good deals like yours, as long as there’s no engineering work to cope with.

Essex UK
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