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Holidays Unpacked

That sounds like a bargain. I don’t recall the time of the year they went, so don’t know if that had any influence on the price.

I quite enjoyed the series, if only as raising my awareness of what’s out there. You’re right though that there’s no substitute for doing your own research. Travelezoo is one example (as you mentioned) of the sources of some great bargains worldwide.

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For Morocco thats’ way over the top. Just had a quick browse and late booking, 4 star, all inclusive plus excursions etc less than £500 pp.


Its for one person Alan. The theme of the programme is that people aren’t so happy just to sit on the beach anymore but want to explore and have experiences as well. It looks like they’ve set the presenters a budget of £1,000 and they show what they can do with it. That’s not to say that you can’t visit that country for less or considerably more. I think the budget includes everything, flights, accommodation, excursions, drinks, meals………….

Essex UK

The £1,000 Steve, is that for 2 people? The reason I ask is that £1,000 for a week for Morocco is very expensive especially if you look at sites like Travel Zoo. I was there twice last year and if I had done trips every day to the coast, mountains, villages etc it would have come to nothing like £1,000 per person.


Have missed this – a lot of Life around at the moment, but looks like it’s worth finding on catch-up if I can.

Just finished watching the the first series (I think) of holidays unpacked on Channel 4.

Really enjoyed it. Brisk paced, each episode covers 2 destinations you can do for £1,000 for a week and do more than just lay on the beach. Both travel solo (apart from the camera crew). This 4 part series covered Iceland, Cambodia and Sal in Cape Verde plus other destinations.

Its still available to watch on-line at All4 but the first episode is only available for 7 more days.


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