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Fossil wrote:

What if the app says yes and staff say no!!

The disclaimer that comes with the tool says that its the travellers responsibility to check that the bag is the correct size. So if the staff say no, then it goes in the hold & you are charged (as I understand it).

ESW wrote:

How do they get away with it?

Very much down to the attitude of the people on the check in desk or on the gate/plane. I’ve travelled one way with one airline that let em take it in the cabin, one the way back they made me put it in the hold as the wheels prevented it going in the “cage” by about 2mm.

Essex UK

Sitting in the departure lounge, it never ceases to amaze me the size of some people’s carry on bags – they are bigger than the case I’ve checked in. How do they get away with it?


What if the app says yes and staff say no!!


Ryanair have added a new feature to their app that allows you to scan the size of your luggage with your smart phone. The aim is to help you decide if the piece is the right size to be able to take on as cabin luggage. I gave it a try to see how good it was:

The initial screen has a video which shows you how its done….

Whilst you are moving the phone over your bag you get this type of display at it plots the dimensions……

Then it gives you the results…..

I tried it twice…….

Then I measured it manually & annotated a picture with the correct dimensions (so the one below didn’t come from the app)…..

Verdict!: On my test you can see that in two scans it gave me vastly different dimensions, neither even close to the actual dimensions of the piece of luggage. So at this stage of its development I class this app as as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

In fairness it did seem to be picking up some of the things around the bag, so it probably needs to be done in a totally clear space. Also I think this is a Beta version, so I suppose they’ll be collecting usage data to try & improve it for the proper release version but for now, use a tape measure.

Essex UK

Passing through Singapore’s Changi Airport last week – on a short stopover journeying home from Thailand – some of my time was spent researching possibilities for our next Singapore visit which is coming up pretty soon.

We plan to spend three days there prior to joining a cruise and want to do something a little different to our normal Singapore routine.

While Singapore does have Uber they also have a more popular similar system for booking taxis and it’s called ‘Grab’.

Incredibly easy to download and use on the iPhone, Grab uses similar operations to Uber and on a trial booking ‘Grab’ certainly were more competitive.

Good news for travellers to Singapore who are on a tight budget.

Thanks @Sana glad you’re finding it interesting.

Essex UK

Some pretty cool travel apps info @coolonespa

I read this week that there is an app out there that helps you select the items to take with you on your travels.

Packpoint asks you where & when you are going, what type of activities you will be doing & looks up the weather for you. Then it suggests a list of items you should take based on that information.

I haven’t tried it yet but if anyone gives it a go, do let us know how you find it.

Here’s a very short video giving you an idea of how it works:

Essex UK

Another app that may prove to be useful is the Norway Lights, predicting the likely appearance fo the lights. You can also look at the web site for the info:


Essex UK

As it was international coffee day this week, how about an app to help you find that perfect cup of coffee when you’re travelling. The Beanhunter app aims to go just that. It’s blurb says "Beanhunter makes it easy to find and share your coffee experiences. It is a door into a city’s coffee culture. You get in and get to share.

Whether you’re a tourist in a new city or a local in your own town, Beanhunter will connect you with the city’s coffee gems and what others are recommending.

Our three key goals are to:

Help people find and share great coffee experiences;
Increase discoverability for independent cafes; and
Support the specialty coffee industry.
Many of a cities best cafes are tucked away down little streets around the globe & are hard to find. Now the coffee loving community has a place to share their favourite cafes and coffee experiences with the rest of the world.

Here at Beanhunter we realise that this mission of finding the best coffee spots all over the world is not possible without the efforts of you, the Beanhunter community who submit cafes, write reviews, add photos on the beautiful drink that is coffee! We hope that you find much joy searching through the many fantastic coffee spots all over the globe."


I’ve just downloaded it & will give it a try when I’m out and about.

Essex UK
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