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A handy site to check before you buy or sell currency

Why not use a Halifax Clarity Card. Use it for cash withdrawal overseas and get almost commercial rate, far better than the tourist rate. As long as the card is in credit it will not attract any charges.


Its been some time since this original posting & times have certainly moved on. So who do you use to compare exchange rates before you get your holiday cash?

I’ve use this site for a few years & found it quite useful:


Essex UK

Debbie – I’ve checked the site you mentioned over the last couple of days & it seems their site rates are always the best in conjunction with TFX Travel FX. Have you, or do you know of anyone who has successfully ordered with This site & TFX? I only ask as they want you to send them money via bank transfer, so you loose any protection you may get from paying with your Debit card.

Any other forum member got any experience of using them?

Essex UK

Good advice Debbie. The only thing is that I don’t think it covers all the providers, so a bit like car insurance quotes, you need to use more than one site to get the best deal. Assuming you have the time or inclination. I used this one as well last time & in February FairFX came out top for US dollars but doesn’t seem to be on the compareholidaymoney site.

http://travelmoney.moneysavingexpert.co … y/#results

Essex UK

We have just been made aware of www.compareholidaymoney.com. It brings together the best deals for buying currency for 80 or so currencies from the biggest suppliers in Europe. The information is live and constantly updated. Having queued last week for 35 minutes in M&S to change some Swiss Francs, I wish I had known about this site at the time to do a few comparisons first.

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