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caveat emptor

My understanding is that CDW never covers glass, wheels and undercarriage. What people are being asked to do by the car hire firm as they pick up the car, is boost that to what they expect to be fully comprehensive cover by paying on average £10.00 a day (this info from Guardian article about it). Considerable pressure is put on customers, with a lot of scaremongering – I suspect that staff may be offered incentives for selling this insurance, but unsure about this – rumours…
What I have now coughed up for is an annual online policy talked about in the Guardian article, which has cost me £40.00. There is no quibble about what the car hire company may have taken money from my huge credit card deposit for – if the car hire company uses that deposit, I claim it back from my insurers upto an upper limit per claim which is generous.
Each trip abroad can be upto 60 days, and I can make as many individual trips as I like.
What I have been seeking is info about what this is like in action, but I am the guinea pig now – if I have to make a claim, I’ll tell you all about it peeps.
In the meantime, I feel more relaxed about a situation that, with several trips per year, has caused me anxiety, especially as the economic downturn in Europe means that there is more temptation to inflate charges to customers or make stuff up, as with the customer back in their home country, it’s unfeasible to fight such action.

Well here is my car hire story…. rented a car at Geneva airport. Paid extra for CDW and drove into a pavement (yes, I know…). Subsequently changed the tyre, ok someone else did, and returned the car. I was honest about the tyre because I had CDW. Mais non madame, CDW did not cover damage to tyres – and a nice bill for £350 followed.

So the moral is to check the small print on what CDW really does or doesn’t cover. Collision with a pavement (tick), damage to tyre (tick) = waiver the waiver.


I haven’t bought a policy yet, but will be getting one by the end of the month – I have 3 holidays involving car hire in the pipeline and heard yet another story yesterday about someone being stung for the whole £600 deposit taken in lieu of the top-up insurance he didn’t have – he had a minor bump in a small Ford car but the car hire company bumped him for the lot…scary.
Had hoped to hear from someone who had actually lodged a claim, to see how these things are in action, but looks like I’ll be the one telling others about them at this rate.

Did you get your annual comprehensive car insurance policy that you wrote about a while ago, or are you using the Hertz insurance?


Being a poor pensioner I always shop around for the best deal. As you say, it saves money.


Prebooked a hire car for March from Nice airport today. Got quotes from several firms, all for the same economy group.
First firm, Carhire3000, quoted £148.62.
Second quoted slightly lower.
Carjet, an agency I’ve used many times, wanted £100 more than the higher fee.
Holidayautos, who last month were by far the cheapest for my hire car in Tenerife, also wanted a great deal more than the cheaper quote originally.
Who got my business this time? Hertz, £110.10.
Talk about it pays to shop around….

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