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Florida Timeshare

Hi Marie – we have a solution to your Timeshare, I will send you a message with some contact details. Debbie


Thank you Peter, that’s very kind.

Hello again – I have just discovered that the US contact I gave you has recently moved from the law firm with the address I provided and joined a commercial company as a corporaste lawyer. Sorry about that – I will make some further inquiries in the next few days and follow up again. PeterM

Dorset, UK

Hi Peter, I thank you very much for that info and I will definitely consider doing it. The problem is that to dispose of this Timeshare week it will literally mean giving it away as there are apparently so many people trying to get rid of them as I have found out by looking on e.bay etc. My brother has no problem doing just that but I don’t think he would consider any costly fees. However I shall indeed make some initial enquires.

Once again I am grateful for your advice.

I have had considerable experience of working with US lawyers – but not in the timeshare sector. However, I think it would help to work directly with a US lawyer to resolve the problem, although it could be quite expensive (although not as expensive as asking a UK lawyer to work with an American legal firm, because that way you would get the costs of two lawyers!).
I can give you a contact in a US law firm who you could e-mail to set out the problem briefly and ask if he or his firm can handle it and if so, provide you with an estimate of the cost. Try an e-mail to Stefan Lopatkiewitz in Washington DC at: [email protected] – and mention that the introduction comes from ‘The Marshalls in uk’.

Dorset, UK

I know nothing about Timeshares but recently I’ve been dealing with my brother’s affairs and discovered that he and his late partner had a mortgage for a 1 week Timeshare apartment at Weston Village in Florida. Unfortunately his partner died last year and she dealt with all their finance and business affairs since he became incapacitated by a stroke. The insurance company paid the remaining debt on the mortgage following her death.

He had a letter from the timeshare company informing him of the completion but no details of how we can get proof of his ownership. I have e.mailed them twice now with no response. I have explained that we need this proof as he wishes to dispose of it due to the yearly maintenance costs being outwith his means now.

If anyone has experience of dealing with US legal problems of this sort I would be very grateful for any information you could give me.

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