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Bad beginning

Thanks everyone for 5he lovely kind word. Appreciate your comment. I don’t go to holiday that often. My son arranged everything, we just tag along. I would love to to do similar holiday, but he has his own family (three grandsons, the younger one 2 years next month was not born then). Fingers crossed. They are camping in south of Wales as I am still in lockdown now). Stay safe everyone. x

Love the photos @Dahlia


Thanks for sharing your photos @Dahlia looks great

Essex UK

Lovely photos @Dahlia

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Glad you enjoyed your trip @Dahlia

Essex UK

Love family holiday. Went to South of France, had the best time. A bit of a hiccup in the beginning..miss the plane , had to book another one few hours later on the day. Had to rebook hired car and were late reaching the cottage as we landed in a different airport. Had to travel longer distance(motorway) . After reaching the cottage we had a good time ahead for the few days we stayed there. Then we had few days in another place where we visited lots of places….

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