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Visiting Poland

I’ve seen a video of the Salt Mines, and they are absolutely amazing.

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Poland is a bucket list country for me.

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Hello @songbird and welcome to the forum.
7 hours is a long time for a tour of what would appear just one venue. Does the tour cover anything else in this time.


Went there in July 2010, and was spellbound by the country. I stayed in Krakow for 5 days, and visited Auschwitz, The Salt Mines, and The Communist trail.

Auschwitz is one of the darkest chapters in European history. the fortified walls, barbed wires, barracks and gas chambers allow you to imagine the horrors that took place there. The tour lasts 7 hours and, is so moving it is impossible to leave there with emotions intact.

The Wieliczka Salt Mines were excavated from the 13th Century. There are many attractions there such as 4 chapels, underground lakes and statues that were carved by miners. Today there are contemporary statues sculpted by modern artists.

The Communist Trail is in the centrally planned socialist district of Nowa Huta and is complete with steelworks, and houses built in the Renaissance style of the Soviets.

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