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Budget Hotels

As I generallly only stayed in Travelodge for one night, when arriving a day early prior to a long-haul
flight, I found them adequate for my needs.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

@northernblue wrote:

I am not a great fan of Travelodge, preferring Premier Inn where the option is available,

I’m with you on this one and some good advice on things to look out for when booking any accommodation. As well as city centres its good advice for say B&B or AirBnb accommodation e.g. does it back on to the local high speed rail line.

That said, re Travelodge, I believe they have invested in some of their properties, realising that some were looking pretty shabby. I stayed in one in Dover last year and enjoyed the experience.

Essex UK

I am posting this in response to a recent member’s review of Travelodge. I am not a great fan of Travelodge, preferring Premier Inn where the option is available, but I do concede that the former is generally very competitively-priced. It really is a case of you get what you pay for, and pay for what you get. The reviewer should not have been surprised to find that parking was chargeable, as this is usually very clearly stated on the company’s website. I find that it pays to study not only the hotel’s website, but also to take a look at the hotel and its setting in Google Streetview (bearing in mind that this may not be bang up-to-date). This is particularly important for city centre locations, where the proximity of bars and nightclubs may prove to be a determining factor. It is also useful to know what dining options are available on site and in the immediate locality.

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