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You cant beat a city break!

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I’m glad you’re enjoying your city breaks and in many ways you’re spoilt for choice.

I’d agree with @LostInAmerica that Lisbon is well worth a visit.

Here’s a piece I wrote on Lisbon & nearby Sintra to help you with your planning;

Seville and Vienna are also worth considering.

Essex UK

Hello @SandyK
In addition to the cities you mentioned, I enjoyed Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Venice, Istanbul, Stockholm and Paris.
Those and countless smaller cities are all worth a visit.

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Indiana, USA

You cant beat a city break anytime of year!
I’ve been to Prague, Vienna, Copenhagen, Milan and Sienna. Loved them all.
I’ve a sister in Connecticut and one in New Zealand. I stayed at home in Northern Ireland! My sister in New Zealand is a consultant doctor and gets to travel to Europe for conferences. When she does my other sister and I take the opportunity to travel to whatever city she is in too to meet up together. We missed out on Berlin, would live to ho there. Where do you recommend?

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