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Africa - An outstanding and magical place for explorers

Thank you for your encouragement. Here a few more, some unfortunately with cell phone.

This elephant drinking in the Zambezi walked straight past us as we sat on the river bank drinking a beer.

Hippo grazing on a small island during our sunset boat trip on the Chobe River, Kasane Botswana. Hippo are responsible for killing more people in Africa than any other wild animal.

Giraffe in Chobe N.P. Botswana.

Croc seen from boat in the amazing Okavango Delta.

Teenage elephants playing next to our car in Addo N.P. , Port Elizabeth S.A.

Lioness taking an afternoon rest at Chitake Springs, near Mana Pools Zimbabwe.

Zebra and springbok in the “rough” at Langebaan Golf Course just north of Cape Town.

…… and finally penguin at Boulders Beach, Cape Town.

Cape Town

Wonderful photos @KevinWily – and like Steve, @coolonespa , I too would like to see more.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Great pictures @KevinWily


@KevinWily wrote:

Attached some pics of our Sept 2019 trip to Mana

Thank you for sharing your great photos & the background behind them, I particularly love the hippo photograph.

We have a thread exclusively for pictures wild animals taken by members at:


So if you’d like to share any others from this trip or any others you have taken, please feel free to do so, I’m sure members would love to see them (I would).

Essex UK

Hi coolonespa thank you for your message. Attached some pics of our Sept 2019 trip to Mana, I hope they come through OK. For explanation:
Some of the elephants around Mana are renowned for standing on their rear legs so that they can reach the higher foliage.
On our morning game walk (with our armed ranger) we got very close to the feeding lion.
The elephants roam nonchalantly around the campsite which is on the banks of the Zambezi.
Our camp site at Chitake Springs, which is very raw, was occupied by the resting lioness so we had to take another spot.
On one late afternoon walk we were overtaken by this herd of buffalo which are here shown drinking at Chitake Springs.
Hippo (and buffalo) which are very temperamental also graze close to the campsite.
View across the Zambezi flood plain to the Zambian escarpment.

We had fold down tents on top of our rented 4 × 4.

Cape Town

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Have you any photographs of Mana Pools that you’d like to share with us?

Essex UK

KevinWily wrote:

“Envy the man who has never visited Africa for he has so much to look forward to”.

Couldn’t agree more Kevin I always enjoy a trip to the African continent.


AGREED. I have visited 50 countries including travelling overland solo from Djibouti, French Somaliland to Cape Town. Most recently a visit to the most beautiful and raw wildlife Park of all – Mana Pools, in Zimbabwe, on the Zambezi. Cant wait to go back.
“Envy the man who has never visited Africa for he has so much to look forward to”.

Cape Town

Africa is a great continent with a diversity of countries and people. Personally I never miss an opportunity to travel there irrespective of which country although it wont be in the near future because of the current situation. Which is your favourite country @Abdulrahman ?


A lot of people don’t realize how amazing many parts of Africa is for great travellers. This has to change.

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