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Cheap tours

That is the benefit of going in early March, @coolonespa, a very pleasant 18C

I remember that tram. It was 38C when I was in Budapest & I wasn’t sure if those trams were air conditioned @phage so didn’t fancy being cooked on one if not. Looked great though & I did get a picture

Essex UK

Many thanks for that @phage useful information.


While in Budapest earlier this month I found quite a painless way to rest aching feet and also incorporating an affordable scenic tour of the Danube river, namely yellow tram number 2. The tram line starts from the Margaret Bridge and hugs the bank of the Danube passing the Parliament Building, the Central Market and Ludwig Museum before disappearing off the map into the further reaches of the city. Although I had bought a travel card, the locals did not seem to bother scanning theirs and no one seemed to check either. So if you were totally unscrupulous you could travel for free.

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