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Canarian holidays

Wonderful photos @Fossil and @coolonespa – very dramatic!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Hi @LolaHola have been to the Canary Islands many times and done 4 programmes for Sky TV on Lanzarote which really is an island of diversities and the spring flowers are delightful. On Tenerife going to the top of Mount Teide and exploring the Teide National Park, star gazing
from the observatory and hills where there is no light pollution is amazing. Amazing in the difference in weather from the north to the south of the island.Gran Canaria with the sheer cliff faces where shops and restaurants take pride of place in the gorges. Wonderful collection of Islands.


The canaries have certainly got a lot to offer @LolaHola and I’ve always enjoyed it when I’ve been there. Not sure if I’d want to live there permanently but I do recall being treated to some amazing cloys formations last time we were at Fuerteventura

Essex UK

As I got older I found I couldn’t handle holiday destinations that were too hot. I also started to hate crowds. The solution is a winter holiday in the Canaries. I’ve been ti Tenerife several times abd jyst last year decided tovtry Fuerteventura. Love it!!! Flatter than Tenerife so ideal for my parents and much less crowded. The beaches are to die for. And they are deserted! I’d recommend a holiday there. If I could I’d move over and live there permanently. Does anyone agree with me?

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