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Wonderful photos @Joodee

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

@Joodee wrote:

I’ll give it a try following your advice.

Well done, thanks for sharing these great photos (I use an iMac too).

Essex UK

Thank you @Joodee for those brilliant photos. I did follow your link for the Bournemouth Echo photos, but I have to say yours are just so much better.

Joodee wrote:

I’m using an iMac

So am I and wouldn’t change back.


Joodee wrote:

I’m using an iMac

All the best people do!!! Great pictures too.


Thanks Coolonespa, I’m using an iMac so that was probably the issue. I’ll give it a try following your advice.


Thanks for adding to this thread @Joodee and I’m sorry your upload of photos failed. I have a thread where I’ve given a few tips on uploading photos on the following thread, so you may find this of use.

Please contact me by private message if you would like further help.



Essex UK

Hi I tried to upload some of my rather poor photos of the Winter Wonderland but the upload failed so I have put on a link to Bournemouth Echo’s story about it.



Many thanks for that info @Joodee
This is the first year I’ve heard anything of it, but I’ll be looking out in future.
And just in case I can’t see it this year, does anyone have any photos to share? It sounds like just the sort of joyful event that might cheer us all up.

Hi iwent, the Winter Wonderland will be there until Jan 2nd with a fireworks display on the evening of December 19th too. Shame if you don’t get to see it but it has been on for a couple of years so may be back in 2020.

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