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Is South India tour good for old citizen?

Do tell us @Rishabhb392 what makes you choose these three places and why they are especially good for the 50+ traveller.



I am mentioning some places which you can visit in South India if you are 50+

1. Kochi

2. Mysore

3. Madurai

Don’t let age stop you from enjoying your life :)
These places are not so difficult to explore and can easily be reached.

Have fun :)

Having done the “Golden Triangle” as a tour in north India we decided that for the south we would stay put and base ourselves at the Leela Raviz Kovalam. I think it was the right move. The hotel was superb, high up on a promontory, with shuttle buggies to take you down to the beech. Whilst there are plenty of places to visit they are not on the same scale as Delhi/Agra/Rajastan and would involve more travel, so relax, cutivate a local taxi driver and persuade him that getting you a deal gets him as good a return as his commission and go and explore every couple of days.

I am looking for advice about South India Tour. I and my wife is planning to visit south India next year in November 2020. Is it good for us?

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