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Visiting Ireland next July

Thank you all for your tips. We will certainly include some of these sights on our tour.


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I noticed we have a series of articles by @peterlynch that you may enjoy and hopefully it will give you some ideas of places to visit.


Essex UK

We did a tour of Southern Ireland a few years ago. One thing you have to prepare yourself for is the lack of motorways! Lots of winding country roads so travel is definitely on the slower side! This applies more to the further you get away from Dublin and any other city.

We found The Bunratty Castle and Folk Park a fascinating place to visit , it’s a medieval fortress and artifacts plus a village made up of housing through the ages of Ireland. I can certainly recommend a stop there.

I hope you have a great time, and yes July is a good time to visit, but this is Ireland and there’s no guarantees of good weather!

If you stay in Killarney, I can recommend the Ross hotel – right in the middle of town, but with a parking agreement with another hotel over the road. The staff are lovely – I travel on my own, and did a lot of walking in the mountains so common sense told me to tell them where I was going. They looked out for me without making a fuss about it. I’m going back!

Thank you anyway.
Really looking forward to going to Ireland next year. Happy travelling.


I’ve only ever driven through Cork, on the way to the west coast, or north to Galway – sorry.

Hi Jo

We are thinking of about 12-14 days to give us time to take in the whole experience and totally agree that staying near a pub is a very good idea

I love the sound of Gap of Dunloe as well.

I did look at Kenmare so that will be a stop as well.

Any recommendations for visiting Cork
Thank you for taking the time to reply.


How long are you going for? The roads can be a bit hit and miss, so journeys might take longer than you think they will – and you’re covering a lot of ground.

I love Ireland, particularly the west coast – the scenery is stunning, so give yourselves time to drive the coast road when you can – Bantry Bay is lovely. There’s a small road down the spine of Macgillycuddy’s Reeks which is stunning if the weather is good (you’re in the cloud if it isn’t). Speaking of which – the weather. I’ve had lovely hot weeks in Ireland in July, and wall-to-wall rain. And with the climate changing I think you need to be prepared for anything.

I love the Gap of Dunloe – the super-fit can ride bikes through it, or you can go on horse-back or a pony-and-trap. It’s a day’s tour from Killarney, one way through the lake on little boats and the other across the mountains.

If you make it to Killarney, Muckross Castle is worth a visit; Blarney Castle is also in the south and full of people kissing its stone.

Art galleries – there are several shops in Kenmare. The light on the west coast is lovely so you’ll find pictures to take home if you want them.

And when you’re looking for somewhere to stay – I’d suggest find places within walking distance of a pub. Many will have music, especially in the summer, and it’s even more fun with a couple of pints of Guinness knowing you can walk home.

(I’m going back at Easter. I think everyone should do you Ireland at least once in their lives!)

We are planning a road trip next July flying into Dublin which we have visited before and picking up a hire car. We would like to visit Cork, Bantry Bay, Kilkenny, Wexford, and Waterford.

Quite happy to stay in a mixture of hotels, bed and breakfast.

Has anyone done a similar trip and if so, place to visit, we love castles, museums, art and coast. Enjoying walking and sight seeing.

Any tips?

We picked July as we were in Boston this July and chatting to the receptionist there, she said that July was the best month.



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