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Trophy Hunting as a sport?

Thanks Gill.


Thanks Gill

Essex UK

Fossil wrote:

15:13 20-Jul-20

This came up again Gill because a spammer put a post on which I deleted but it still keeps the old post on view although you can’t see the deleted post.

Yes, Steve had explained that to me before, which is why, when I come across something whereby I
think that has happened, I always try to put any old thing just to get us back on track.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

This came up again Gill because a spammer put a post on which I deleted but it still keeps the old post on view although you can’t see the deleted post.


It’s always good to have these topics repeated, to keep them at the forefront!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Yes @Cruzeroqueen1 …. a good example of what I mean. Sadly there are many well meaning people in influential positions who, in my not very humble opinion, cannot see the wood from the trees…. and in 50 years there won’t be many trees left either!….. I muse.. and remember a request on Radio 4 a few years back about…. ‘if you could add one to the so-called 7 deadly sins, what would it be ?’…. My answer was unequivocally ‘RESPECT’ or lack of it. In the broadest sense, lack of respect is the root of all problems…….. sorry to preach to the converted.

Very good point @GDB1 A while ago I watched a brilliant documentary about Yellowstone Park.
‘They’ had culled all the wolves and the basic pattern of life for most of the other species went out
of kilter. They reintroduced wolves and voila, the system righted itself again.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

the link @Fossil .. gave us is very interesting
It is difficult to argue a case for leaving the animal kingdom to its own devices and let Nature find a balance, when clearly there are diverse problems in over and under population in some species. From a cursory sweep of some of the data regarding elephants and lions, I cannot help referring to my favourite place in Africa, that is Tanzania, where we talk about ‘national parks’ as against ‘reserves’ in other countries. Game reserves in many cases do allow hunting, but national parks do not. Whilst I cannot dispute the numbers quoted, I am a little suspicious when they talk about allowing hunting to control numbers…. contraception maybe is an answer. However, in the Serengeti and other national parks in the North, there is no under or over populating of the major species; there seems to be an equitable balance….. Mother nature seems to have succeeded here. One of the reasons, surprise, surprise, is that human population is banned in the Serengeti, ie there is no human encroachment in the wild….hmmm.

GDB1 wrote:

12:52 15-Oct-19

Interesting point @coolonespa ….. maybe I should be running a campaign to have embryos of pregnant trophy hunters compulsory scanned to make sure they are not carrying the same ‘sick’ gene as their parents….. hmm, but we would have to identify and isolate that gene first.
I’ll give that some thought. I hope nobody thinks I am being slightly extreme ?

Not asextreme as my suggestion, Graham, of locking them in a small enclosure – without weapons – and letting the wildlife take their turn at bagging a trophy!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

It’ll be interesting to see how the latest environmental bill makes its passage into law. “Joan Edwards from the Wildlife Trusts broadly welcomed the bill’s emphasis on nature recovery,”

Read more at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-50044870

Essex UK
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