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A day in Lisbon

Such a beautiful place. I would love to there.

Essex UK

Beautiful photos guys, a lot of things to see and to do in Lisbon.

Beautiful photos @coolonespa. Thank you.
Thank you @Fossil. Will do the tram and love hop on hop off busses.
Just wishing I had more time.

Exeter. UK.

Lisbon is a beautiful city with a wonderful history. It’s a great place place for shopping and leather shoes are very good value. take a trip on the hop on/hop off bus, excellent value. Ride the 1945 restored Sintra Tram out to Praia das Maçãs.


I will have 1.5 days, two nights in Lisbon.
Any advice on what to see, do in that short time would be much appreciated.
I go early Oct.

Exeter. UK.
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