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Probably a year round resort @DavidCameron especially if you enjoy wrapping up & walking deserted beaches in the winter. Some places do close for the winter though.

Essex UK

Could be gardens and natural places!
And, I would like to know What will be the best time/season to visit weymouth?

ESW thanks for the recommendation will check it or them out

Fossil when we went I got a little carried away as was 2nd person to enter and last to leave didn’t realise they were closing and my oh didn’t notice I was missing until they couldn’t get in the car was well worth it though love orangs

Have you checked out Simon Jenkin’s “England’s Thousand Best Churches” for ideas? Sherborne , Wimborne Minster, Milton Abbey and Christchurch come out top of the list. I then discovered St Aldhelm’s Chapel in Worth Matravers which Jenkin’s only gives 1* but looks wonderful. All Saint’s Church in Chalbury has an unspoilt Georgian interior and looks worth finding.


My wife wants to visit Monkey World after seeing it on TV.


We travel all around a area we stay in already done monkey world and tank museum went into Dorchester Lyme Regis west bay and Bournemouth also went to Portland to see the light house and Olympic rings over looking cheap beach think we may have done Lulworth if that’s where durdle for is following a line of tanks down a lane to get there as for what we like it’s churches museums galleries car boot sales history but open to new opportunities

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If you’re into walking – take the bus to Lulworth Cove and walk back. It’s about 13 miles, and a bit up and down (it’s a coastal path) but it stunningly beautiful. And you will have earned a beer or two when you get back.

I always find it very difficult to answer questions like this as my ‘must see’ could be the must see from Hell to someone else. What sort of places are you looking for – Museums, gardens, stately homes, ruins, shopping experience, countryside, walks….

Are you talking just about Weymouth or the surrounding area and if so what sort of distance?

This is a good place to start. This covers the wider area.


Any must see places around the Weymouth area in mid September please

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