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GK Beach Hotel, Kalives, Crete

Good morning @ hemantuja

I was really attracted to your comment by the mention of Kalives: the reason being that some years ago my wife and I took a villa holiday in the beautiful nearby village of Almyrida.

It was at a time before internet availability and we used to take delightful walks along the coastal path to Kalives where we could purchase that days UK National Papers and enjoy excellent seafood lunches.

What would concern me about your ‘plan’ is that you would appear that you are going to spend an awful lot of time island hopping on ferries when Athens, Santorini and Crete are delightful places in themselves.

Meanwhile of course the difference in weather between the islands is minimal at that time of year and Santorini would be relatively clear of cruise ship visitors: subsequently making it a considerably better option.

We are a couple in our late 60s, planning a maiden visit to Athens n Greek islands on 10th March 2019, for a 9 day vacation (to celebrate my 70th birthday). Would love to receive some tips from experienced travelers and perhaps a suggested itinerary (for Athens & to Greek islands) would be very helpful. We were told that its not the best time to visit Santorini n Mikinos, because of cold weather.Thanks!

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