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Airbase, Coventry, Warwickshire

A Dragon Rapide, similar to one used by Scottish Airways

And the Douglas DC-3 Dakota G-AHCY of British European Airways which crashed at Wimberry
Stones on the 19th August 1949



Airbase, Coventry, Warwickshire

The museum is an off-shoot of Air Atlantique’s operation at Coventry Airport and features a collection of aircraft, mainly military but with some civilian included.

Some of the aircraft are static displays outside while there are also some still flying. Particular highlights are the Dragon Rapide providing flights and the DC3 giving taxi rides. If you visit when aircraft based there are being prepared for display at airshows, you may see (and hear!) them taking off.

The site is relatively compact but allows space between static exhibits, is generally level with picnic benches, a cafe and the Visitor Centre having a shop and toilet facilities.

Shackleton AEW2

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