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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - May 2018

Congratulations @PaulineTurner and @Jackie99 – you have both won a copy of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer.

Enjoy this literary romance set in Guernsey, with a dark back-story from the island’s occupation during WWII.

Happy reading!

Literary Editor

Hi @AndrewMorris Cycling on the island can have its challenges for some people but it is not too difficult. The scenery makes up for it. As you say e-bikes may be a good compromise. Yes, we have seen the film & loved it. The book is on my list for the future!

Hello Silver Travel Book Club readers

Thanks for the latest comments on this month’s book choice – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

@Ozdevon – how hilly is the island? And you could always use e-bikes to compensate for any slight deterioration in your fitness levels over the last 30 years! Have you read the book or seen the film yet, by the way?

Hello @Sararose – thanks for those lovely memories of Guernsey, but so sorry to hear that your husband is now unable to travel. Perhaps reading the book or seeing the current film adaptation would transport you both back there?

@wendycl – funny how so many attitudes have changed over time, isn’t it? I love the image of your Mum throwing that long fur coat over her dance dress, and sprinting up the church tower to perform her duties as fire warden. It sounds as though you need to go to Guernsey yourself, to see where she lived and to follow in the footsteps of the characters in the book.


I really enjoyed this book, we discussed it at book club and everyone agreed it was a good read. I’ve not visited Guernsey yet, but would like to. My memories of WWII are from my mothers stories, the one which I recall best are her duties as a fire warden. She worked in a hotel at the time and in the evenings often joined in the dances held there, when required for action she donned her musquash fur coat (not frowned upon at the time) over her dance dress and ran up the church tower binoculars in hand. It was a wonderful knee length fur coat keeping her warm, but in the 60s the fashion was for short jackets and she had it back down. I stll have the coat, but never wear it!

My husband and I had a lovely trip to Guernsey a few years ago.We stayed in quite a small hotel which was half way up a very steep hill and quite near to The Victor Hugo Museum. Travelling around by bus was easy and as the the island is small we covered a lot of ground.The coastal walks were beautiful and we were delighted to discover orchids amongst the profusion of wild flowers. The Victor Hugo Museum was a delight and i would love to go back again and take a closer look. I have very fond memories of this holiday as my husband suffered several strokes soon after and is now unable to travel.

My partner & I visited Guernsey in the early 1980’s & enjoyed getting around by bike. Even though it is an easy place for cycling I think we would look at other options as well now :-)

@andrewmorris You are very welcome. The film beautifully portrays the island, I am sure there will be a spike in tourism!!

Great Island !

I am indebted to @Teens for sending me the updated cover of this month’s Silver Travel Book Club book, rather than the older one I posted earlier in this Forum thread. The power of a film adaptation….

Thanks everyone for the great interest and feedback on this month’s Silver Travel Book Club book of the month, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

@andsombris – yes, the film adaptation is generating plenty of publicity, isn’t it. You can get hold of the book through Silver Travel partners TripFiction, to see what all the fuss is about! –

@cathisherwood – thanks for the poignant memories from your recent trip to Jersey. Much of what you say about the island’s war experiences certainly resonates with what happened to Guernsey islanders too, by all accounts. Lest we forget, indeed, and thanks for recommending the Jersey War Tunnels. The scenes during the occupation in the film adaptation of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society might be a little rose-tinted, I suspect.

@SANDRABYNOE – thanks for your comment, and I agree that the film version focuses more on the love story than on the harsh wartime occupation of this beautiful little island. You can get hold of the book through Silver Travel partners TripFiction – – and don’t forget to enter our current prize draw to win a visit to Guernsey. You never know, you might be ticking it off your bucket list sooner than you expect!

@Jackie99 – thanks for those lovely bitter-sweet images of your Mum and her family staying on Guernsey during the occupation. In the current film adaptation, they show all the children being evacuated immediately before the Germans arrived so it’s fascinating to hear that your Mum stayed. What a tough few years she must have endured. I hope you get back there again very soon to be able to reminisce about her, and to meet those distant relatives.

@SA-Takkies – yes, so many reasons to visit this intriguing island. Why not enter our current prize draw to win a visit to Guernsey – – and you can get hold of a copy of the book through Silver Travel partner TripFiction – And you’re right about the seafood – take a look at this article from our very own Debbie –

@DRSask – like you, seeing the current film adaptation has resulted in Guernsey being added to my travel wish-list. But perhaps more for the historical and cultural reasons than for the scenery….I was disappointed to see in the credits that the film was shot entirely in England, and not Guernsey. My wife bought me a coaster that says: ‘Never Judge A Book By Its Movie.’ How true!

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