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Win 3 days free car hire with Avis

It would have to be Perth, Western Australia. We are going back to my husband’s home town, from the UK, fifty years to the day he left. He so wants to show me all his boyhood haunts but I’m not sure these old bones can walk it!

It would make a great add on for a pre-river cruise stay in France we are making later this year.

I’ve set myself a task of walking along all of Britain’s seaside piers …….can it be done in three days ? Well I’d certainly give it a jolly good try ……!!!

Sardinia. Only managed the bottom left-hand corner last time in an only just adequate car. Better luck next time. We were pulled out of a ditch by friendly locals (who refused any tip) and had a wing mirror smashed by passing trade. Trust none of this disqualifies us in the eyes of Avis.

We would like to explore the beautiful countryside, villages and towns of Piedmont, Italy and enjoy the local food!!

A short break in the south of France. The car waiting for us at the end of our cheap flight. Freedom to go when we want. Maybe showing those flash cars in Monaco what’s really important and a more stylish way to flaunt it.

Would be a nostalgia trip. I worked the summer season there in the 1950s.

A special birthday trip for my other half along the West Coast of Ireland.

I quite fancy going round the bend on the Trollstigen in Norway. It must be one of the most dramatic roads on the world.

A car from Dallas , Texas visiting the Mountains due South West has always attracted me and the opportunity to live on a Ranch for a few days, something different to try!

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