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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - February 2018

Thank you , Andrew. Apologies it has took me a while to respond.

@ESW – February Silver Travel Book Club winners were Lottie and NedtheRed, as announced on the main Book Club page. They should have received their copies of ‘As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning’ by now, and are hopefully enjoying their walk through Spain with Laurie Lee.

Who was the February prize winner @AndrewMorris


Hi Andrew, Madeira was lovely and the Levada walks very interesting and a good walk out in a place that is relatively quiet. They seem no where near as interesting as the the Lighthouse Way walk you will be embarking on. There will be some stunning views but a need for care on the first two days it appears.

Enjoy your visit and I look forward to reading about it on your return.

Thanks @Lottie – what was Madeira like?

I’m excited – and a little nervous! – about walking the new Lighthouse Way walk in Galicia with On Foot Holidays in March.

It looks wild and beautiful, but we’re doing the full 10-day version which could be a little physically challenging, for the first couple of days at least. But really looking forward to exploring the rugged Galicia coastline, where Laurie Lee started his own Spanish adventure all those years ago.


@LH – the Alhambra is rather incredible, isn’t it? I think perhaps it’s as much the historic and religious symbolism it represents, as its physical beauty. And I was pleased to see that there is still a very real Moorish presence and feel in Granada, particularly in Albaicin (Albayzin) and in the narrow market street (Calle Elvira?) – and of course in the classic Arab Hammam!


Thanks Andrew, and apologies for my late response as I have been away for a few days. Yes, you do experience a lot. It seems like I’ve not experienced anywhere near what you have regarding walking. I walk loads around Britain and have done things like the levada walks in Madeira but have yet to go on a proper walking holiday. Maybe reading the tales on here will inspire me.

I enjoy Laurie Lee’s writing style and would love to read the one about the young man’s travels heading for Europe.

I’ve never been on a designated walking holiday, @AndrewMorris, however, like @lottie, I do a lot of walking when I’m on holiday. My aunts and uncle that I often travel with are fond of accusing me of elder abuse because I make them walk so much. I should point out that they are teasing and that it is also their choice :). On our most recent trip to Northumberland last May, we clocked an average of 8 miles a day. One of my aunts wears a fitbit and keeps track of our steps.

Yes Andrew we did do a bit more of the GR5 in Switzerland – the end bit at Geneva, so the start and the finish! In Spain I have mainly travelled on the train from Madrid down to the South coast via the wonderful Granada, staying in and walking around the incredible Alhambra.

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