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This time next week ...

It may actually be Jo even more respectful. Look on the bright side.


I’m used to people called out ‘Hello Auntie’ – it’s a term of respect here in Nepal

But yesterday someone called out ‘Hello Grandmother!’

That’s me told

Quite right, @JoCarroll and @coolonespa

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I saw that too, Steve – it’s too easy to see haggling as part of the ‘fun’, and forget that a little money goes a very long way for a family with next to nothing. If we can afford to go to these places, then surely we can afford to be generous in the markets.

JoCarroll wrote:

If buying the occasional trinket helps them, then I’m happy to do it.

I was reading a story this week about a couple on holiday (in a relatively poor country) who joined the haggle fun & “negotiated” a street trader down, thus saving £1. Later that evening they had a £100 meal in a tourist restaurant, leaving a £15 tip for the waiter for excellent service. Understanding the context when travelling is so important & perhaps a little play at haggling but give in quickly, £1 could have meant a great deal to the old street trader.

Essex UK

Another interesting and thought-provoking read, @JoCarroll – and the photo of the mountains is spectacular!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I can turn a blind eye to some of it, Steve, but can’t ignore people who must live in makeshift huts, with no running water, given the comfort that I’m used to. If buying the occasional trinket helps them, then I’m happy to do it.

A wise move to absorb the tranquil nature of the lake but not to think too deeply about what’s going on around it.

Essex UK

My last blogpost from Nepal – well, I shall continue to write about the place when I get home, as there is much to reflect on. But this is the last one I shall send from my balcony here in Pokhara


And where will you be this time next week Steve @coolonespa

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