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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - January 2018

What’s the book – I’m a bit lost

I’ve always thought Eurocamp looked good and would love to try it

Though I’ve never camped in France, all my camping has been in England and Canada, I have been on a couple of road trips; one in Brittany and Normandy and one in the Champagne Region. Both were with an aunt and uncle who are still often my travel companions on various adventures. We would usually pick up some bread, cheese, meat and fruit along with a bottle of wine and eat at picnic sites along the way. I remember one quite cool day when my uncle refused to get out of the car and sit at the table with us because it was too cold for him – nesh lol. He soon changed his mind though when he realized we had the bottle of wine! In one small town in the Champagne Region, we had stopped to pick up picnic supplies and left my uncle outside having a cig (he used to smoke). When my aunt and I came out there was an elderly gentleman trying to talk to him and my uncle waved us over. My uncle has no ability with languages but the French always try to talk to him because he looks French. The nice man was trying to tell him about a lovely view of the valley if we kept going up a certain road; he was trying to share the beauty of his home. It certainly was lovely. We stayed at a villa outside of Arras on one part of the trip and returned after the gates had been closed at 11:00 pm. Through the intercom they were trying to tell my uncle which numbers to enter to open the gate. After a few unsuccessful attempts they must have heard him turn to me and ask, “cinq is eight, right?”, realized it was the Englishman who couldn’t speak French and gave up and opened it up for us! We had a lot of fun in France and it sounds like Road to Rouen would be a fun read too.

We love Eurocamp. We’ve had several wonderful holidays in France and Holland over the years. It really is the best way to take a holiday with a family. There are so many activities to keep everyone happy, plus it’s a great base to do some sightseeing of the local area.

Fab prize and what a way to start 2018

This sounds like a great prize and even if I’m not lucky enough to win I’m going to treat myself to a copy of Road to Rouen

Thanks @Teens for that enthusiastic endorsement of Ben Hatch’s road-trip books.

Road to Rouen sounds like an interesting – and funny – cultural experiment, throwing an adventurous British family in amongst the French, via their wonderful roads.

Who knew that the French medicate as much as the Japanese…..?

Bon voyage, tout le monde.

I first came to reading Ben Hatch when I picked up his book “Are We Nearly There Yet?” – an 8000 mile epic trip around England in a Vauxhall Astra, travelling with tinies. So it was inevitable that I would pick up Road to Rouen. It really is an odyssey, from the of the vegetable growing paradise that is the Loire, they head onto the Dordogne, ‘the fruit bowl of France’, where they visit a Prune Museum, go on to enjoy ruminations about Camembert, and check out the weirdoes in Bugarach. And still more to come – surfing and boarding in Biarritz and light aircraft manoeuvres in Megève. The family notches up at least 50 chateaux on this trip, and discovers that the French consume as much medication as the Japanese, indeed more than anyone else in Europe… (and I will leave you pondering that thought…). Best of luck to everyone on this thread, it’s a great, escapist book and might even inspire a reader to take to the road!

Thanks @Eastwood for your lovely memory of a Eurocamp holiday with your children in Carnac.

Have you been back there since 1992….and which other French Eurocamp sites did you stay in?

I wonder if those more ‘rustic’ holidays, with young children and less money, are naturally destined to linger longer in the memory bank that more exotic trips in later affluent life……

We have not been to a Eurocamp site since the kid grew up.

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