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Top 10 tourist attractions form china,you deserve to go!

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To our foreign friends to recommend some of our Chinese tourist attractions for the elderly, of course, tourism is more tired, suggestion is to wear a pair of comfortable soft shoes are necessary,

1.Sanya, hainan

Located at the southern tip of hainan island, sanya is the southernmost coastal tourist city in China.Located in the tropical region, hainan is even the most beautiful tourist attraction in China.Small make up know there will be some old man often go on holiday to sanya, especially in winter, the reason mainly has the following two points: one is the sanya in winter when the temperature is still high, sanya is located in the tropics, so winter temperatures are high, it is very attractive for some old people in the north, because the north cold winter often lead to some including rheumatism disease recurrence, so spend the winter in sanya can from the pain.The second is that sanya has a very good air condition.Hainan island mainly depends on tourism development, so there is no heavy industry. The overall air quality of hainan island is especially high, especially suitable for elderly people.

2, guangxi beihai

North temperate climate, annual average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, the winter without cold, summer without heat, especially air negative oxygen ion content in the 50-100 times higher than that of inland, in the national air quality monitoring in the country first, is the best choice of rehabilitation for the elderly, recuperate.

3. Gulangyu, xiamen

“The city is at sea, the sea is in the city”, xiamen is a graceful “sea garden”.The islands, reefs, rocks, temples, flowers and trees complement each other, the customs of overseas Chinese, the customs of fujian, the sea food, the foreign architecture, and the four seasons are the icing on the cake of the sea.The scenery is beautiful, the climate is pleasant, it is said that this is one of the best cities in the country.Take your parents or grandparents to xiamen to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on gulangyu island, breathing the fresh air here and relax your body and mind.

4. Qingdao, shandong

Qingdao has the reputation of “Oriental Switzerland” and “Oriental Hawaii”.Famous Qingdao is mainly dependent on and benefit from the scenery beautiful seaside scenic spot, to Qingdao tourism of Chinese and foreign people, who doesn’t infection and intoxicated by the beautiful scenery of Qingdao beach.With mom and dad or grandpa’s grandmother, swimming beach combing, sunbathing, or go to Qingdao Olympic sailing center 08 Olympic sailing venue of some of the exhibits, can yet be regarded as a kind of comfortable way of leisure.

5.Chengdu qingcheng mountain

The qingcheng-dujiangyan scenic spot was named as “the most popular tourist destination of China’s elderly” in 2007.Qingcheng mountain air fresh, green trees shade, very suitable for the elderly to visit.There is also the elderly fine culture festival, the qingchengshan wu pavilion has the scale of the elderly and tai chi health boxing performance.In the natural and cultural atmosphere, the mind and spirit are restored, and old friends can experience profound Taoist culture and health culture.

6, guilin daxū ancient town

Guilin qingxiu landscape, the most suitable for the elderly to return to nature and relax body and mind;We have visited the ancient town of dawei, which has been around for thousands of years. We have enjoyed the qinghai-hui-style green brick and tile buildings in the qing dynasty. We have walked on the streets of qingstone road, and are very old and well-suited to the understanding of the elderly.Guilin’s food and fresh air appeal to the elderly in the city.

The ancient town of dawei is located on the east bank of the li river. It is called the “big four daxū towns” in ancient guangxi.A stone road from the town of old street through the road on both sides holds many brick structure of the old house in the Ming and qing dynasties, next to the stone steps were clumps of golden rape, adorn a wisp of clever the awaken of spring.

The stone arch bridge — the longevity bridge — is a must for the elders, built in the Ming dynasty, and the stones of the bridge have been polished and polished.The west of the bridge is the lijiang river, so it is also an excellent place to appreciate the li river and the river snails.Standing on the bridge to enjoy the view of the lijiang river, you can enjoy the ancient meaning of the faraway town.

7, Hunan fenghuang ancient town

Of the legs and feet of the elderly as well as young people, seem should not consume enormous amounts of physical activity, should follow leisure way is the most appropriate, much of the ancient city of fenghuang is playing with water, the idyllic, gardens, to avoid the law of climbing.Way can go to see the old strewn at random the diaojiao building, the old city wall at the foot of the water wheel spin, clear ring of tuojiang river water, and can make a vow with colourful lights, to tuojiang river to put wishing lamp, instead of your family peace and blessing to the family.

8, Lijiang,yunnan

Yunnan winter warm summer cool, four seasons like spring.The whole year is a good time for travel.Kunming, Dali, lijiang and shangri-la are great places to go.In the amorous feelings of lijiang, or to look at the magnificent terraces of yuanyang, the south of the clouds, perhaps the paradise.Enjoying a slow time here with my parents, or getting a sunburn in the jokhang temple is an unforgettable experience.

9, Beijing

Not everyone will be able to come to Beijing in their lifetime. Beijing is not only the “tiananmen square” in the textbook of childhood elementary school, but also the most worried and yearning place in the spirit of the parents.Beijing has branded the people of that era the most special mark.Go to Beijing to visit MAO zedong, go to the Palace Museum to enjoy the magnificent royal style, if the parents of the legs good, still can take them to climb climb the Great Wall, in the lifetime make a good han.Traveling with my parents in Beijing, the experience will be touching and unforgettable.

10, Xi ’an ancient city

If the parents belonged to the intellectualists who were very interested in the history and culture, they could take them to visit xi ’an.Xi ’an is a city with a sense of modernity and history. It is the birthplace of the Chinese civilization, one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, xi ’an has a long history and a great culture.There are more than 120 imperial tombs around xi ’an, reputed as the natural history museum.The terracotta army is known as the eighth wonder of the world.The tomb of qin shi huang was the first Chinese site listed on the world heritage list.The ancient city wall is also the most complete and the largest ancient city wall site in the world.Golden city thousands of miles, the land of the land, the terracotta warriors, the ancient city walls take you into the millennium of the emperors.


1.Make a detailed tour of the route before you travel
When you are planning a trip, you should pay special attention to the choice of your travel destination and travel style, and pay attention to the schedule.It is understood that the current travel agencies usually ChangZheTuan was introduced for the elderly, in the double ninth festival every year there will be many of these lines before and after the launch, this type of team is according to the actual situation tailor-made for the elderly, suitable for the elderly over the age of 50, general design more relaxed, little energy consumption, some will be accompanying with professional staff.

2. Travel in pairs
It’s best to travel in pairs with older people, but you can always go out with your old friends in an activity or unit because they are familiar with each other and can take care of each other.

3.Check your body
The elderly before you travel, for his own body circumstance to understand somewhat, such as diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease (CHD) patients had better not to travel, travel of geriatric patients should bring drugs, and inform the leader and group members in advance, a precaution.

4. Purchase insurance
The sense of human rights is very critical. Select the travel agency with good word of mouth before you travel. You must have a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions of the contract, and ask for the information of the travel agency without introducing it.The most important thing is to buy accident injury insurance.

5. Beware of traps
The elderly should pay special attention to the shopping traps that may occur during the trip, and be careful to fake commodities and price gouging when buying local products.Once the problem is found, it should be reported to the travel agency in time and complain to the local tourism authorities

6.Consider destination weather
Because the old people’s time is relatively idle, therefore the time of travel can have many choices.Generally speaking, the old people will avoid the peak of the tourist season and the golden week, which can avoid the danger of crowding, and the second trip can save money on air tickets and accommodation.It is understood that between April and June and October and December are prime time for the elderly to travel, and the weather is not too hot or too cold for the south and the north.It is common to travel in such comfortable weather, the elderly are not susceptible to illness, and during these periods, the elderly are not prone to seasonal diseases

7.Be slow
For the elderly, tourism means break the habit of early to bed and early to rise even in the daily nap, for the elderly, this is a relatively hard thing, but if it is the travel schedule is too tight, time is too nervous, can’t significantly more suitable for old people attended, as a result, the elderly travel cannot hold “walked a few more places to value”.According to the understanding, generally suitable for old people’s line is longer than the regular team, the travel rhythm will be more slow.Not only that, but there are also some lines specially designed for the elderly, such as the health care lectures, the exchange of the elderly, and the old people’s minds.

8.Look at the comfort of the tourist spots
Old man travel destination, in addition to choose their interested, haven’t been to the new place, but also to the tourism destination of elements such as climate, geographical conditions, comfort, such as the city tour is better than the condition of rural tourism, mountain tour, will be more suitable for the elderly to participate in, on the other hand, can combine the old age and physical condition to choose a destination.It is understood that there are four popular destinations for the elderly: first, the coastal cities with beautiful natural scenery and pleasant climate, such as haikou, sanya and xiamen, etc.Second, there are many historic cities, such as Beijing, xi ’an and luoyang.Third, prosperous cities, such as Shanghai, chengdu, chongqing, etc.The fourth is scenic spots, such as guilin, mount tai and huangshan.

9.Just do your best
According to your own preferences and conditions, choose scenic or leisure vacation Tours, and pay attention to your strengths, not excessive physical exertion.

10.Diet hygiene
Pay attention to diet and hygiene.When traveling, physical exertion is larger, want to bring sufficient food, choose easy to take, nutrition rich, fresh sanitation is light food, eat fruit more, prevent constipation.Avoid eating raw and cold food and unclean food.It is generally followed by the four principles of food, food, food and food.

11.Avoid burnout
The old long-distance travel by jet sleeper or best, can also be segmented, travel schedule should be loose not tight, shoulds not be too great activity, tour, step line should be slow, gradual, mountain climbing to our strengths.If you have dizziness, headache or abnormal heartbeat, you should rest on the spot or seek medical attention.

12. Comfortable and quiet accommodation
To ensure six to eight hours of sleep a day, accommodation is not luxurious, but please be comfortable and quiet, choose 2-3 people.Don’t try to save money on damp, dark, and crowded rooms, so as not to interfere with sleep, physical strength, or disease.

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