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There had been a particularly unpleasant murder of a tourist on Nosy Be when I was looking – so the advice was not to go anywhere without a taxi. And, for an independent traveller who likes pottering around streets, that defeated me.

But it was a couple of years ago, so it is probably much better now – these things come and go in waves.

I think that travelling by cruise ship (sissy, I know @JoCarroll !) is the safest way to do it (been twice before – 2009 and 2015), under the circumstances – not likely to go too far inland where conditions would probaby be more primitive and thus more susceptible to the infection. In Nosy Be and Diego Suarez I found the people very friendly and helpful – I became an unofficial ‘money changer’ as taxi drivers, in particular, had received tips in euro coins, which the banks wouldn’t accept, so I popped back on board to exchange what I could for notes for them. Tamatave was not so good, very dirty, with very poor people who begged rather aggressively. Malaria is very prevalent all over the country, so picking up propylactics (the tablet type, I hasten to add!!!).on Mon. and will be heavily covered in DEET at dusk. Yes, the countryside is beautiful, and it was great to see lemurs in the wild. (Sadly, some were touted to tourists to hold for a photo).

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Hopefully it will be sorted our before we go next September!

Oh dear Gill, that’s not good. Stay safe.

Link to info on the outbreak for those interested:


“The less deadly bubonic plague” its not often you read anything that refers to bubonic plague as “less deadly”!

Essex UK

You lucky person – I investigated visited Madagascar a couple of years ago, and it looked somewhat unsafe for a woman travelling alone, so I gave up. But do let us know how you get on – it looks stunningly beautiful and the wildlife is wonderful. And how easy is to get to know local people, use local transport, etc – that’s the bit that bothered me then. It will be wonderful if that’s easier now.

I’ll be setting off for there in a couple of week’s time and there is currently an outbreak of plague………..:(

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain
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