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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - October 2017

Loving reading the tips on travel to Venice. We visited for a day trip while holidaying in Lake Garda more than a dozen years ago and loved it. We enjoyed lots of sightseeing including gondola ride, lagoon cruise, St Mark’s Square, Bridge of Sighs and much more. It was surprising how much we did pack in in a short time. I would love to go again and benefit from the many tips read on this thread.

The best way to arrive in Venice is by train – preferably the overnight sleeper from Paris(which I now,sadly, hear is to be withdrawn). The view from the train carriage window as one crosses the causeway in the early morning light is quite magical.

If you love Venice and love reading you should explore the Donna Leon Brunetti novels – loads of them and you should read them in order as they contain lots of info following Brunetti and family through life and following the fortunes and issues of Venice too – more than just a crime novel! I’m quite addicted to both Venice and Brunetti – you can even do a Brunetti trail and there’s a book of the wonderful Italian cookery that features – of course, being an Italian family – throughout the book! One warning- USA editions of the stories sometimes have a different title but the Donna Leon website gives you a list of all the titles in chronological order. Ah Venice I miss you I have to visit again!


When I visited Venice, the weather was terrible. It rained all day and I was so disappointed although it didn’t stop me from visiting the Doges Palace, St Mark’s Square, the Bridge of Sighs, the Murano glass factory etc… It was simply amazing. However I did get the chance to go back to “Venice” when the weather was better when I visited The Venetian Hotel in Macau on a day trip from Hong Kong! I couldn’t believe how realistic it felt to me. As I wandered round “Venice,” it did mess with my head. My eyes were telling me that I was in Venice. There were clouds painted on the ceiling so it really felt as if you were outdoors. There were gondoliers sailing in the canal. My brain was trying to process that I was actually inside a hotel in Macau but I wasn’t getting very far. I would love to read this book, especially as the lead character has the simply amazing name of Addolorata!

Its been one of my aims to go, now might be the time to plan the trip where is the best place to visit?

Went to Venice last in the 70’s unfortunately it was rubbish collection day and the smell was ‘rather pungent’.I would love to visit it again to see changes and preferably a more pleasing perfume!

On our last trip to Venice we explored the Jewish Ghetto quarter. In the museum, a group of Italian schoolchildren were sitting on the floor while their teacher talked to them about the history. My husband joined them, on the floor, sitting upright with legs and arms neatly crossed. I’m afraid the poor teacher was so amused, she was unable to continue and her colleagues were no help at all! The pupils were highly delighted to see a very silver traveller join them on the floor….getting up was not so easy ….we made a lot of little friends that day as well as learning so much.

Aha….@Antony I was a few thousand miles away, wasn’t I!

I haven’t been to India yet, but it’s high on the list, particularly Rajasthan. Perhaps we should look for a Silver Travel Book Club book set in that exotic location. Any suggestions?


Thanks AndrewMorris for your comments. That picture was taken in one of the Maharaja’s palaces in Rajasthan, India. I think it was Jaipur. Lots of amazing palaces, forts, etc. from India’s past out there.


Love your Venice memories @LH . A great tip to stay in a self-catering place to avoid the tourists an live more like a Venetian. And presumably far better to go “out of season” to avoid the worst of the tourist throngs?

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