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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - October 2017

Venice was one of the places we were to visit on a cruise. I only booked it because of Venice as I had visited all the other places planned for the cruise. I was so excited! On the morning we were due to in Venice the worst fog I have ever seen in my life came down and we couldn’t dock as planned – so near but I never got to see Venice.

I must read this book. I went to venice last year briefly on a cruise overnight but that only gave us one day there to explore. I went to the islands to escape the crowds snd that was wonderful. We arrived in the golden evening light and that wsd the best views ever. So I have been to venice but not seen venice from ground level only from the water. I haven’t walked those steep little bridges or the cobbles. There are cobbles surely? There are cobbles everywhere else so there hss to be cobbles. Not found one of those little cafes in the quieter parts or even the market. I lovqe markets, not to buy but I take photographs of the people on the market stalls and what they sell. This year I found a stall selling chanterelles, just chanterelles in Helsinki market, The perfume of those mushrooms was just as I have read, of apricots !. Maybe I could find something similiar in venice as a everlasting memory. I will hope.

A few years ago I read Miss Garnet’s Angel by Sally Vickers. This is a very evocative book about Venice, and when I finally visited, it made the trip all the more interesting. Have others read it?

Thanks everyone for all the enthusiastic responses and interesting memories about Venice. This month’s Silver Travel Book Club choice seems to have struck a Venetian chord.

@happytraveller – how many of the Brunetti series have you read? I’ve heard of Donna Leon, but I haven’t read any of her books yet. Interesting to read on Wikipedia though that she is an American author, lived in Venice for over 30 years, taught in Vicenza for 18 years….but for some reason didn’t want her books translated into Italian!

Back to the Silver Travel Book Club’s choice of One Summer In Venice, by Nicky Pellegrino. The main character, Addolorata Martinelli, goes to Venice to work on her so-called Happiness Project, wanting to pinpoint the 10 things in life that make her happy. I was lucky to interview Judith Mackrell at the Guildford Book Festival recently. Judith is the Guardian’s dance critic and author of The Unfinished Palazzo, a non-fiction book about 3 women who, at different times, own and help to restore a beautiful building in Venice. Perhaps a little cheekily, and stealing Nicky Pellegrino’s idea, I asked Judith to tell me a few things that make her happy:


It seems that Venice works its magic on everyone who visits this unique city.

Keep your own thoughts coming!


Over 40 years since I visited Venice. A good time to find out how it has changed.

Venice is so beautiful

A visit to Venice, what more could one ask for in a short break. I am another fan of Donna Leon’s Brunetti novels. If you like a good “who done it” set in an interesting, historical, beautiful city, characters that grow with the series and years, mingled with tasty little references for the foodie. Highly recommended.

After reading the book I would love to visit Venice so that I could then write my own review for the silver travel advisor surfers!

I would absolutely love to visit Venice, it looks like an amazing city with stunning sights. Love reading all the info and advice on this great city

Wow, what a great response. Thanks for all your lovely memories of Venice….keep them coming!

I’ve been enjoying the Guildford Book Festival this week. And I’ve been really lucky to meet and interview some of the authors, thanks to Silver Travel Advisor’s partner TripFiction.

One of the authors was Judy Mackrell, dance critic for the Guardian and a biographer. Her new book is The Unfinished Palazzo: Life, Love and Art in Venice. It tells the story of three passionate and wonderfully unconventional women – Luisa Casati, Doris Castlerosse and Peggy Guggenheim – and the Venetian palazzo they each, in turn, called home. With tales of lavish parties, outrageous outfits and a star-studded cast, this is a delightful slice of 20th century history.

So much history, beauty and architecture in this unique city.


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