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Silver Travel Book Club

How many places have you visited after reading about it in a book??

Sometimes all it takes is an invocative description, or a setting for a much loved book – which becomes so deeply buried in our soul – that
you just have to visit it yourself one day. Is it because you feel you already know the place?

TV and files are known to increase tourism to a destination – such as New Zealand because of the Lord Of The Rings films, and now Corfu is the focus because of The Durrells series on TV. But while these visual images can capture the inspiration to visit yourself – it’s not as
ingrained in your memory as a beautiful written passage in a book – that so inspires the need to see this place.

I obviously need to read Rosanna Ley’s book to inspire me to visit Sardinia – a place I’ve never been.

Interesting fact : the term Sardine, coined by the English in the 15th century, comes from The Mediterranean island of Sardinia where the small oily fish of the Herring family once dwelt in abundance. There are 21 different species of Sardine.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Thanks for all the great posts so far. And Remember, Silver Travellers….this is YOUR Book Club.

Keep those comments coming with your Sardinian memories, and you could be one of the lucky winners of a copy of Rosanna Ley’s escapism novel The Little Theatre by the Sea.

@sallyD – thanks for your memories of the Costa Smeralda. Faye – Rosanna’s main character – went there too, but preferred the less busy north-west coast. Love the sound of The Tea Planter’s Wife …perhaps I can travel to SrI Lanka next, in her tea-planting footsteps!

@Fossil – thanks for the interesting memories of Cagliari and The Little Train. The book’s main character Faye travels briefly to that southern tip of the island too. So many different civilisations influenced Sardinia; didn’t they?

I always take a book relevant to where I am travelling.I hope to visit Sardinia and Corsica next year. Will certainly take this book to read. Really like the sound of the little train thanks for mentioning it Fossil.

Have visited several times on cruise ship stops, 2nd largest island in the Med. A good way to explore from Cagliari is by the ‘Little Train’. It takes you out of the city to the Napoleon Memorial then back through the old town onto the coast road across the island past the famous cemetery and affluent areas to the little church and museum. By the time you arrive back you will be in no doubt that Napoleon had an influence on the island


What a great idea! I love to read books about places I have visited – or want to visit. My last good read was The Tea Planters Wife by Dinah Jefferies, set in colonial Ceylon and as a result, Sri Lanka is on my wish list.
I like the sound of The Little Theatre by the Sea as I enjoyed a holiday in Sardinia, so will be interested to hear all about your trip. I visited the beautiful beaches along the Costa Smerelda. My fondest memory was an unforgettable boat trip along the coast on board an old wooden sailing boat, that dated back to the 1920’s. The excursion included a delicious lunch, and I must admit the gentle swaying of the boat, after a few glasses of wine, resulted in a lazy, sleepy afternoon.

It’s somewhere that is on my ‘todo list’ too….


What a good idea Andrew. Can’t help you with Sardina as I’ve never been but looking forward to seeing others experiences.

Essex UK

Welcome to the first adventure for the Silver Travel Book Club.

Rosanna Ley’s The Little Theatre by the Sea takes us to Sardinia, where newly qualified interior designer Faye is hired to restore the beautiful – but sadly now crumbling – old theatre in Deriu. It turns out to hold some rather interesting secrets…

Where have you been in Sardinia, and what captivated you most? The two best entries on this forum thread will each win a hardback copy of the book, and we can follow in Faye’s Sardinian footsteps together.

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