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Silver Travel Book Club

Congratulations @sallyD and @Fossil – you are the lucky winners of May’s Silver Travel Book Club competition. A copy of Rosanna Ley’s “The Little Theatre by the Sea” will be winging its way to you very soon. Please check your inbox for an email.

We hope you enjoy this perfect summer read, and please check back in to Silver Travel Advisor over the next few weeks as I follow in the Sardinian footsteps of Rosanna’s main character Faye, courtesy of Silver Travel partner Sardatur Holidays.

June’s Silver Travel Book Club Book of the Month has now been announced here. by the way, and you can be in with a chance of winning a copy of Paula Hawkins book Into the Water by posting your own memories of rural Northumberland here.

Happy reading and happy travels.

Andrew for the Silver Travel Book Club

I’ll do my best @coolonespa….

Lots of photos too please @AndrewMorris

Essex UK

Hello Silver Travel Book Clubbers

I’m off to Sardinia in June, to follow in the footsteps of Rosanna Ley’s character Faye from The Little Theatre by the Sea, the first Silver Travel Book club of the month.

Thanks to Silver Travel partner Sardatur Holidays, I’ll be staying on the west coast of this beautiful island and close to unspoiled Bosa, the town that was the inspiration for Rosanna’s fictional village of Deriu. It’s here where Faye helps with the restoration of the village’s old theatre, and uncovers secrets from the past that nobody could have foreseen.

I will try to bring some of Faye’s story to life for you, meeting the people from the pastel-coloured village on the river Temo, immersing myself in the area’s history culture, food and wine, just as Faye did.

Join me on this literary journey….the essence of TripFiction.


AndrewMorris wrote:

NT and Literature Works is offering a 2 months Writer-in-Residence opportunity for someone to stay at Agatha Christie’s Greenway holiday home, where you so enjoyed a short break

This is better than Virginia Woolf’s A Room of Ones’s Own! You get to stay in a house, not just a room.

Alas I am not a freelance, professional writer so won’t be able to apply but thanks for putting the link on the Forum.

Last Edited by applegroupie at 24 May 21:18

@pink – how kind of you to flag this up! It’s looks wonderful (my preference is for the Hardy rather than Christie) – it’s certainly something I’d love to do. The move hangs over my very breathing at the moment, and I don’t feel able to commit myself to anything till I’ve actually got an offer on my house, but I’ve bookmarked the site. You never know, everything might fall into place and I can go for this.

Many, many thanks.

having looked at the site, i’m struggling with several layers of “oh, if only!” i could so enjoy spending three months following in agatha’s footsteps (literally) and free to do nothing but scribble all day long.
but they need writers who are “freelance professional and published”.
could this be for you @jocarroll ? there’s one for hardy, too, if christie doesn’t float your boat. that one’s at his cottage in dorchester, so fairly much your home ground, and could be the break you need after all your house-moving.

ooh ~ can i change my cv at this late stage? two months at greenways would be worth just about any price!

@pink – hello again. Any writers in your family….or just readers and actors? By coincidence, a partnership between the NT and Literature Works is offering a 2 months Writer-in-Residence opportunity for someone to stay at Agatha Christie’s Greenway holiday home, where you so enjoyed a short break – http://literatureworks.org.uk/opportunities/writing-places-writers-in-residence

How much fun would that be, and another great example of literature and location being perfect bedfellows.

@pink – thanks for the great post about your Agatha Christie inspired Torquay holiday and activities. Whodunnit?

We stayed in a lovely B&B in Nether Stowey in Somerset recently, in the very room where Samuel Coleridge worked, read, wrote and entertained the Wordsworths, the Wedgwoods and other influential figures of the day. I wasn’t inspired to write any poetry, but I felt immersed in Coleridge’s life for just a short while, in the same way that your family inhabited Ms Christie’s mysterious characters.

Literature, eh? Powerful enough on its own, but somehow even more evocative when place becomes another character.


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