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Silver Travel Book Club

We used to have a local bookshop that would recommend a book set in the country that we visited for a holiday read. Such a great idea. It would be good to do it the other way round and be inspired to visit a place by a book.

Sardinia…….yes, would love to return as we had just a few days there

The car ferry from Civitavechia, Italy, was a surprise in itself, five hours. I had had no idea of the distance.
Then we followed the car of the friend who was meeting us and giving us his charming, simple, rustic house nestled in a mountain valley. A one bed cottage, with a mezanin floor where I slept. The area was delightful with the mountains as a back drop and walks across the fields to visit our nearest neighbour.

And then the nearest town, another surprise. I can only compare it to Toy Town. Not a thing was out of place and one would have been surprised to see a dead flower head or stray leaf on the pavement. I half expected Noddy and his friends to turn up at any moment. And the street names, Via Shirley Bassey etc. They all had properties there. It was just too unreal for me. Give me the rustic cottage, the mountains and meadows, the open country side any day. Give me space and reality.

I have yet to explore other areas of Sardinia and meet the real Sards as they call themselves. One day.

Exeter. UK.

I love little things, enter holiday prizes. Books and other items too. I don’t know if anybody has won anything but I hope and wish it happen and may be one day I can win a holiday. Fingers crossed.

I am currently reading my copy of A Mountain of Crumbs: Growing Up Behind The Iron Curtain by Elena Gorokhova that I won in May. It’s a very interesting and easy read. Her way of writing just draws you in. So far in the story we’ve learned about her grandparents and parents and she’s only in grade 3 so still a child. It’s interesting to see how the living conditions differ between the country and the cities in Russia and how determined her mother is that her children succeed in life. Can’t wait to read the rest. This weekend promises to be extremely hot in Canada so I’m sure I’ll finish it before the weekend is over. Thanks for the opportunity, @AndrewMorris.

Loved Rosanna Ley’s previous books, read for our bookgroup so look forward to this one and I am sure it will tempt us to visit Sardinia.

Here are a few more photos from my recent trip to Sardinia, #OnLiteraryLocation in the footsteps of author Rosanna Ley and the characters in The Little Theatre by the Sea, the first choice for the Silver Travel Book Club.

1. A beach similar to the hidden one Alessandro takes Faye, south from Deriu (Bosa)

2. Spaghetti con bottarga – mullet roe – a traditional Sardinian dish from the west coast area, as described by Faye

3. Tharros, an ancient Punic settlement on the Sinis peninsula, visited by Faye and her father

4. A typical old mining town, similar to the one Faye passes by with Alessandro en route to the hidden beach

@Barrowman, I can definitely recommend Runglee cottage where we stayed, just outside Swinton and a few miles from Berwick-upon-Tweed:

Those pictures look wonderful. I think I shall have to add Sardinia to the list…


Thanks for the update and pics

Essex UK
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