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I love little things, enter holiday prizes. Books and other items too. I don’t know if anybody has won anything but I hope and wish it happen and may be one day I can win a holiday. Fingers crossed.

I am currently reading my copy of A Mountain of Crumbs: Growing Up Behind The Iron Curtain by Elena Gorokhova that I won in May. It’s a very interesting and easy read. Her way of writing just draws you in. So far in the story we’ve learned about her grandparents and parents and she’s only in grade 3 so still a child. It’s interesting to see how the living conditions differ between the country and the cities in Russia and how determined her mother is that her children succeed in life. Can’t wait to read the rest. This weekend promises to be extremely hot in Canada so I’m sure I’ll finish it before the weekend is over. Thanks for the opportunity, @AndrewMorris.

Loved Rosanna Ley’s previous books, read for our bookgroup so look forward to this one and I am sure it will tempt us to visit Sardinia.

Here are a few more photos from my recent trip to Sardinia, #OnLiteraryLocation in the footsteps of author Rosanna Ley and the characters in The Little Theatre by the Sea, the first choice for the Silver Travel Book Club.

1. A beach similar to the hidden one Alessandro takes Faye, south from Deriu (Bosa)

2. Spaghetti con bottarga – mullet roe – a traditional Sardinian dish from the west coast area, as described by Faye

3. Tharros, an ancient Punic settlement on the Sinis peninsula, visited by Faye and her father

4. A typical old mining town, similar to the one Faye passes by with Alessandro en route to the hidden beach

@Barrowman, I can definitely recommend Runglee cottage where we stayed, just outside Swinton and a few miles from Berwick-upon-Tweed: https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/review/accommodation/173762-review-runglee-cottage.

Those pictures look wonderful. I think I shall have to add Sardinia to the list…


Thanks for the update and pics

Essex UK

I’ve just got back from a fascinating trip to the wild and still relatively untamed west coast of Sardinia. And it is very easy to understand why author Rosanna Ley based her latest novel – The Little Theatre by the Sea – here, transforming the beautiful town of Bosa into her fictional Deriu, home to her Little Theatre.

Its labyrinthine cobbled streets and crumbling pastel-coloured houses in the “centro storico”, the converted houses down by the river Temo, and the nearby beach and marina form the backdrop in which this intriguing romantic mystery unfolds.

Look out for a longer feature on the experience of being #OnLiteraryLocation in Sardinia, speaking to Rosanna before the trip (see a separate post in this thread for a fun Q&A session with her) and trying to stalk her characters and locations, and untangle her blurring of fact and fiction.

Huge thanks to Rosanna for entering into the spirit of this literary cat-and-mouse adventure, and to TripFiction for procuring the book to give to Silver Travel Book Club winners. And also grazie mille to Silver Travel partner Sardatur Holidays and Is Benas Country Lodge, without whom my trip would not have been possible.

Andrew for the Silver Travel Book Club

Still #OnLiteraryLocation in Sardinia, stalking characters & places from Rosanna Ley’s novel The Little Theatre by the Sea.

“Casa Deriu is also worth visiting because although it does not feature in the book, I took the name for the town and you will see why when you visit this charming museum.”

Indeed, Rosanna. I loved Casa Deriu, a traditional townhouse in the cobble-streeted heart of Bosa’s centro storico.

On the 1st floor is an exhibition of the traditional local technique of “filet” lace weaving, borrowing from the same method used by fishermen from Bosa Marina to mend their nets.

The 2nd floor provides an opportunity to see how a wealthy Bosa family lived in the 17th century, when leather tanning and other industries thrived in the area. In the bedroom is an iron bed, crafted in Liguria. Original hat boxes and coat hangers remain in the dressing room. And a Mozart piano sits on a burnished olive and cherry wood floor in the living room.

Upstairs another floor is a permanent exhibition of works from artist and ceramicist Melkiorre Melis. From Bosa, he was one of the most important Italian artists of the Fascist era in the 1930s. Some of his most joyful paintings portray traditional Bosa life, including fishermen spearing huge tuna fish, and the local “carnevale”.

Bravo, Rosanna. Bravo, Bosa & Deriu.

Thanks @coolonespa – have you started reading The Little Theatre by the Sea yet, @Mags-Addison?

I’ve just enjoyed a splendid day #OnLiteraryLocation in Sardinia, following in the footsteps of author Rosanna Ley and her characters and places in Little Theatre.

Bosa, on the island’s rugged west coast, became fictional Deriu, home of the eponymous theatre that main character Faye is tasked with restoring. I saw the pastel coloured houses on the river, where Faye’s friend Charlotte lives; the old bridge where Faye has a few romantic moments with Alessandro Rinaldi; the narrow, cobbled streets of the “centro storico”, leading ever upwards to the ancient castle dominating the town; and the marina, where Alessandro works in a boatyard.

Further north, via some spectacular coastal roads and landscapes, I visited Alghero, a fortified Catalan town jutting out into the ocean. Its impeccably restored Teatro Civico was a small part of Rosanna’s inspiration for the crumbling old theatre in Bosa/Deriu.

More #OnLiteraryLocation adventures tomorrow, thanks to Silver Travel Advisor partner Sardatur Holidays and their charming property, the Is Benas Country Lodge.

Photos to follow very soon…..!



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